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10 Things You Can Do with Your Next Win

Everyone thinks or even dreams about it. We discuss it among our families, friends, and coworkers and ask ourselves; “What would I do with the money when I win?”

bingo win? what to do?

We’ve all got dreams, big and small. No matter how much money is involved, whether it’s a little or a lot, winning can be exciting.

Here are 10 ideas of what to do with your winnings playing bingo online here on BingoMania:

  1. Go out to dinner – If you and your partner have a favorite restaurant that you haven’t frequented in years, why not go there with your latest BingoMania winnings? Even the smallest treats can pay off real dividends in memories with the ones you love.
  2. Go to the spa or salon for some extra pampering – There is certainly nothing wrong with spending your winnings on a little bit of self-indulgence. Think of it as investing in yourself for a little “you” time. Booking a day at the salon or the spa is a fantastic way to spend your winnings. You can get your hair done, have a makeover, enjoy a full massage, a facial, a manicure or pedicure for example and you will feel absolutely fabulous afterward!
  3. Buy that outfit you’ve had your eye on – Along the theme of pampering, you might want to take your BingoMania winnings and splurge on that chic outfit you’ve had your eye on, for example, or get that gorgeous leather jacket that’s just your style. It feels awesome to have something new in your closet and if you bought it with your winnings, it might even make you feel lucky!
  4. Get someone you love that special thing they have been wanting – Has your partner been moaning about that 20-year-old coffee maker or lawn mower? Have the kids been badgering you about getting the latest X-Box game or bicycle that all their friends are riding these days? A BingoMania win can be the perfect time to give that ‘just because’ gift and let them share in your latest windfall.
  5. Pay off a debt – There is nothing in the world quite like having a zero balance on your credit card, car loan, student loan or mortgage! Even if you only win enough money to make a substantial or even a single payment on any one of these, imagine how good it will feel to have it taken care of.
  6. Buy a new car – Maybe it’s time to get rid of the old clunker and get a new set of wheels. It’s entirely possible to win enough money playing bingo online that you can walk into a dealership and pay cash for a new vehicle.
  7. Start a college fund – Sending your kids to college or going back to yourself doesn’t have to be a distant dream. You can take your BingoMania winnings and put them into a college fund for your child or even yourself.
  8. Do some home remodeling – Maybe it’s time to update your kitchen, bathroom or another part of your home. You could get some new living room or bedroom furniture or finally get rid of those 30-year-old Harvest Gold or Avocado colored appliances and get something new. How about splurging on that reconditioned claw foot bathtub you’ve always been wanting? Your BingoMania winnings can turn your home into your dream home.
  9. Make a charitable donation – You could make a donation to your favorite charity to help one of your favorite causes. Whether you are inspired by Public Broadcasting, Doctors Without Borders, or your local animal shelter, giving has its own rewards. The nice thing about this option is that not only do you feel good about it; you get a deduction on your taxes, too.
  10. Take that luxury vacation you’ve been promising yourself – Maybe you have wanted to take a break from work, unplug the phone, and go on a cruise. Or you could journey to a far off dream vacation in Europe, an African safari or spend it lying on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas. You can even keep playing BingoMania even while you’re on vacation, too!

What will you do with your next BingoMania winnings? Whatever your dream is, share some of your ideas with us in the comments.

Your Turn – Share Your Thoughts & Win

bingo win? what to do?

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A Comparison of Online Bingo to Bingo Halls

While we’re obviously big advocates of online bingo, it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the many bingo halls that continue to hold in-person games. Most people learn how to play bingo through playing with family at home or some charity function or school activity, but a bingo hall is a different experience. People who play bingo in dedicated buildings can get quite intense over their game!

Comparison of Online Bingo to Bingo Halls

Perhaps you’ve been curious about visiting a bingo hall. Will it be like your online experience? Or maybe you just want something to do? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

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Online Bingo Review Sites

Bingo is obviously our main draw. We love the game and we’d like to see more people play. But there’s a big bingo community out there outside of the halls. We want to share some of the top bingo site reviews on the web for participants in the community.

Though, the reviews found on most of these sites come from disappointed players, it is useful for sites like BingoMania, 123Bingo and Cyber Bingo to help bring attention to such review communities.

which_bingo_logo and

These two sister sites are large bingo directories. They give reviews on all the major sites and ranks them according to their criteria. The one with at the end focuses on bingo sites in the UK. If you want to get your feet wet on several websites, take a spin through these.


This site is in the same vein as the ones above, but it also has extensive pages on gambling laws, the rules of different bingo variations, and it also has a discussion forum for players. Another one-stop-shop for extending your bingo community!

If you just want to talk bingo, this is the site for you. It is a discussion forum for fans of the game. You can write about your latest jackpot, talk about your experiences on different sites, and much more. Check it out.


We’ve mentioned this site in the past. If you want to take advantage of free offers given by bingo sites, this is the place to look. You can get great sign-up bonuses, free spins on slots, and much more. Just make sure to read the fine print carefully!

The IXGames forum is a general forum on gaming sites online. If you want to branch beyond bingo into the world of sports betting and online poker, this is the place to go. They also have a bingo section.


Finally, the site with the easiest name to remember, this is another site aggregator for bingo websites. It also has articles on the latest bingo news from around the world.

Don’t be afraid to try multiple sites. You may like hanging around the UK crowd more than the US crowd we have here, or perhaps you just prefer 90 ball bingo more. If bingo is your passion, you owe it to yourself to explore the wide variety of bingo opportunities out there. Try reading some reviews on mobile bingo apps. You could sneak a game in anytime! Or sign up for one of the forums so you can complain about that cruddy site with the poor terms of service, or that one big blackout bingo that got away. Take a spin through these and let us know what you think.

Beginner’s Guide to Online Bingo

Are you a complete beginner to the game of bingo? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Bingo is a very easy game to learn. In fact with a couple of settings you can let the game play itself while you watch the computer do it for you. But if you’re going to be putting down money on a game you should know what the rules are! There are two main forms of bingo played online, 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo.


75-ball bingo

If you played bingo as a child in America, this is the style of bingo you probably learned. Bingo is a game where players try to fill in lines or patterns on a card. A set of random numbers is called one at a time by a caller. If the player has that number on one of their cards, they cover it up. The most common form of bingo requires players to make a line of five in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win. The center square is always a free space.

Once a line is made, the player will call out bingo. The caller will then inspect the card to make sure it is a legitimate bingo. If it is, that player wins the prize! If you’re playing online, the software can detect when you make a bingo, or you can click the appropriate button to signal that you have a bingo.

One of the fun things about 75-ball bingo is that you can choose lots of different patterns as a win condition. In progressive jackpot games, covering all 25 squares might be one. Or you may have to make a diamond, a plane, a helicopter, or many other shapes. The bingo software will tell you what kind of shape you need to make in order to win. These make games last longer and increase the excitement!

90-ball bingo

This is the type of bingo played in Britain, where bingo is very popular. A 90-ball bingo ticket is made up of a 9×3 grid. On each of the three lines, four spaces will be free and five spaces will have numbers. The goal of the game is to fill in one of the lines across the ticket. Most players will have a book of tickets. Unlike 75-ball bingo, every number is likely to be somewhere in the book.

When a line is filled across, then a player will call bingo. If the bingo is valid then play continues until someone has two lines filled, and then three lines filled. The payouts for the number of lines filled will vary from game to game.

Do you know how to play bingo now? You’ll get the hang of it after a few games. It’s a very easy and very fun game to play. Sign up for a BingoMania account and you’ll see for yourself!

Which Bingo Game Do You Love?

Last week, we asked you what your favorite bingo sessions are and this week, we’re giving you another opportunity to participate. Win 1 of the 10 x $7 free lucky charms. Here’s how:

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How to Increase Your Online Bingo Odds


Playing online bingo? Do you have any special  strategies that you use? Superstitions? You’re not alone. Everything from superstitions to daubing technique to card selection strategies have been used. Which really work and which don’t? Let’s find out by looking at the odds of bingo.

Bingo is a game of complete chance. Unlike many casino  games, there is no way to change your bet once you’ve bought into the game. Every card has an equal chance of winning. This is important to remember if you really enjoy playing bingo games because it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying more cards.

On the surface, buying more cards makes sense. If your odds of winning are 1 in 600 per card, buying three cards would increase the odds of winning to 1 in 200. More cards equals more chances to win. However, you also end up paying more for your extra cards. In looking at it, you probably won’t break even when you compare it to someone who plays only one card at a time.

At BingoMania, we’ve noticed that the cards you play does improve your chances but it doesn’t guarantee you bingo! We’ve had many big winners who have played with max cards and those that have played with just one card.

The same thing applies to number selection strategies. Some people say to buy cards that have lots of the same numbers. Others say to spread your numbers out as far as possible. Again, since every card is random and the selection of numbers is also random, these techniques don’t work to increase your odds.

More Advantages with Online Bingo

One advantage to online bingo that does increase the odds is to use the features that help you notice when you’re close to a bingo. If you don’t call out bingo before the next number is called, you miss your chance to win. But in online bingo games, you have autodaubers to mark the numbers and other ways of telling you how close you are to winning. If you’ve found yourself missing bingos, turn these features on to increase your chances of winning.

What about superstitions? Well, that’s part of the fun so long as you don’t let them fool you into thinking they’re a must. You can keep your lucky cards, charms, or whatever you think helps you win as long as you keep it in good fun. After all, that’s why we play a bingo game, right?

It’s your turn now!

Let us know your favorite strategies in helping you better your chances at shouting at Bingo and win yourself 1 of 10 free $10 free lucky charm bonuses.

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Thank you and happy playing!

What your Star Sign says about your Bingo Online Habits

Whether you believe in astrology or not, you can’t deny that some horoscopes and personality traits commonly associated with the different signs of the zodiac sometimes ring true. So, for a bit of fun, we thought we’d take a look at the twelve star signs and see what they might reveal about your bingo playing style at BingoMania.

Bingo Astrology

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Bingo Mania Free Bonus Codes

Looking for  Bingo Mania Free Bonus Codes?

You won’t be able to find them.


Bingo Mania Free Bonus Code

Let us explain, unlike other online sites where you can find free bonus codes hidden across the web, a while back, we decided we will offer our best promos up front to all welcoming players without the need of any silly bonus codes.

That means, as a new player, you can rest assure you’ll receive the best and most rewarding free bonuses being offered by Bingo Mania directly from

Our current bonus offers for newbies are as follow:

  • $5 free welcome bonus which allows you to try a couple of games before making a deposit
  • 500% free bonus on your 1st deposit (that’s a minimum $100 free bonus)

Then, you can enjoy further bonuses as you continue to play at Mania:

  • a minimum of 100% on all your future deposits  with special 500% free bonus events
  • 20% loyalty cash-back on Tuesdays
  • Surprise bonus giveaways
  • Daily special chat games where you can unlock more free bonuses

As we’ve been known to highlight, free bonuses alone are not what creates an enjoyable bingo online experience. We believe good value bonuses combined with exciting promos and cash prizes are the ideal recipe for the best in bingo experience.

We hope this posts saves you time in the search of Bingo Mania free bonus codes and allows you to jump right into the exciting games available for you on our site.

Have a fantastic day and happy playing!

Online Bingo Chat Rooms and Chat Games

chat bingo gamesOne of the most common things that players say they love the most about playing online bingo is the social factor, and that wouldn’t be possible without the existence of chat rooms. Nearly all online bingo rooms have chat windows although not all games are hosted by a chat moderator; they’re an excellent place to hang out and get to know your fellow roomies, as well as ask for help, talk about shared interests, and even play chat games where you can win prizes.

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The Best Online Bingo for Cash Prizes

One of the perks available to online, as opposed to offline, bingo players (and indeed mobile players too) is the humble online bingo promotion. In this particular field of online gaming, the term ‘promotion’ can cover many, many things, from welcome bonuses to chat tournaments, and BOGOF ticket deals to cash-back offers, as well as plenty more besides.

The Best Online Bingo For Cash Prizes

So, why is the promotion such a great thing and how should a player like yourself best take advantage of all the different types of promotions out there ?

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Your Guide for Playing Bingo Online For Money

If you’re looking to play bingo online for money, you’ve come to the right place. Since we launched back in 1996 as one of the first internet bingo sites, we’ve gained tons of knowledge and experience over the past two decades.

How to Play Bingo online for Money

Fast forward to present, not only can you play for real money at Mania but you can now play the popular game on various devices & channels:

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