Bingo Resources


Your BingoMania Resources Pages. To help you get the most out of your online bingo experience at Mania, we’ve put together this helpful resource page. Below you’ll find further information on responsible gaming to tasty new recipes introduced to you by Mania staff.

How to Play Bingo

New to the exciting game of bingo and/or online bingo? Check out our how to play bingo guide page filled with how-tos, tips, suggestions and overview to guide to getting into the fun at Bingo Mania.

Play Bingo & Slots on Your Mobile

Mobile bingo and slots are here. Discover how you can play your favorite bingo and slot games at BingoMania on your mobile devices.

Math Bingo

Math bingo is great for children who want to learn their math skills. Instead of traditional numbers, there are math problems in each of the squares, ready for kids of all ages to solve. Not only do math bingo cards keep people on their toes, but they are also educational.

Bingo Card Creator

Are you looking for ways to play bingo at home, perhaps with your family? We have several ways we can help you. BingoMania has a bingo card creator that you can use to make your own cards. We also have math bingo cards and rules so you can help your children improve their math skills.

Responsible Gaming

We also have a page on responsible gaming. We want all of our players to have as much fun as they can, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. On that page, you’ll find information on how to identify a gaming problem and what you can do about it.


Don’t you hate it when your tummy rumbles while you’re in the middle of a streak of bingo wins? Don’t worry, we have you covered. On our recipes page, you’ll find some quick things you can whip up to snack on while you play your bingo games. We can’t do delivery, but at least it’s something!