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Security & Privacy
our security commitment

This is clever stuff. You get a player identification number (PIN) and a system-assigned User ID access code. Just register online and give us your Internet and credit-card details nice and securely on our heavily encrypted pages. Your details will be kept on a computer that’s separate from the Internet. In a corner. Next to the muffins.

Our security commitment

Our www server supports the SSL protocol for encrypted communications between Bingo Mania, players and the credit-card transaction system. What does that mean? It means credit-card information can’t be obtained with access codes. We’re also a bit careful where your privacy’s concerned. You won’t find us selling your name to anyone. Ever. Click here for our complete privacy policy.

BingoMania Privacy Policy

Thawte SSL

Playing online is all about having fun, and winning now and then. But it’s also about security. That’s why we chose Thawte as our partner. They can provide you with 100% e-commerce transaction security, because they’re a leading provider of SSL certificates globally.

Thawte 100% secure

What’s SSL? Well, in short, it’s all about encryption. SSL encrypts data, like credit cards numbers (and other personally identifiable information), which prevents baddies from stealing your information for naughty purposes. Once you log in at, all the data sent between your browser and our website is secured with an SSL certificate provided by Thawte.

You can visit their website at to learn more.