Fair Play, Fair Bingo Games

Equal ChanceAt BingoMania, we’re fair people. No, we don’t work on the fairground. We mean we like to give you all a fair shot at the big prizes. To do this, we’ve come up with a few ideas that we think you’ll like.

Random-generated test software

At Bingomania, we like to see fair play. It’s what the English were invented for. That’s why our software partner shares our commitment to fair play. Parlay’s Random Number Generator (RNG) has earned a prestigious certificate from an internationally recognised and respected Accredited Testing Facility – Technical Systems Testing (TST).

TST has verified, through mathematical and statistical analysis (in accordance with the strict standards of highly regulated jurisdictions) that the Parlay RNG distributes numbers with sufficient non-predictability, fair distribution and lack of bias to particular outcomes. Which all means that you get a fair crack of the whip. Every time.