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Why you'll love Bingo Mania over 123 Bingo Online

If you want to play online bingo today, you have several leading sites out there that provide a valuable entertainment experience. Yes, even competitors of ours like 123 Bingo are a good bingo site to play at. However, if you are looking for the best bingo site on the net, we think you’re going to love Bingo Mania over any other including 123 bingo online!

At Bingo Mania you get a $5 free no deposit bingo offer plus a $70 free welcome bonus. There are many sites out there like 123bingo online, but there’s only one site like Bingo Mania, one of the longest running bingo site and the #1 voted bingo site by Which Bingo players in 2010.

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We feel bingo players looking to play bingo games, will have a better experience at Bingo Mania then 123onlinebingo.com for several key reasons which we will breakdown for you here.

123 Bingo vs. Bingo Mania

Sure, 123 Bingo offers a bigger free bonus to their members BUT it comes with hidden terms and conditions that are not player friendly.

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123 Bingo’s Offer

  • Mania gives you $5 free no deposit bingo vs. $25 123 Bingo  (see why this is a silly advantage below)
  • Bingo Mania offer 500% free on your 1st & 2nd deposit vs. 123 Bingo Online 300% free
  • Bingo Mania doesn’t require players to go through silly wager rules but 123 bingo online does
  • Minimum deposit at Bingo Mania is $20 vs. $25 on 123bingo online

Why the no deposit bingo bonus isn’t really an attractive offer

At a quick glimpse you would think getting $25 free vs. $5 free is a huge advantage but here’s the catch with the 123 bingo online and most other bingo sites who offer such huge inflated no deposit bingo bonuses. Every bingo site today on the net requires their members to make an initial deposit prior to any winnings that can be cashed out.

So when a site offers you a massive $25 free no deposit bingo offer, this simply means you can’t withdraw any prizes you win from it because a deposit wasn’t made.

The advantage of the no deposit bonus is there to give you an opportunity to test-try the bingo site of your choice before making a real purchase but many sites promote their no deposit bonus as a perk which misleads players.

Instead, Bingo Mania believes, to enjoy your bingo games, a generous welcome free bonus is more rewarding as you get to turn a $20 into $90 credit.

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Be Wary of Bingo Sites That Require You To Go Through a Wager Rule Policy
Many bingo players are not aware of this and sometimes find themselves in trouble as a result. All bingo sites offer bonuses to help their members increase their playtime and enjoyment, but these bonuses seem to come with a little-hidden terms and conditions that is not always clearly stated for players.

For example, here at Bingo Mania when you receive a bonus, you never need to go through any wager rule requirements to cash out your winnings. If you win on your first deposit you can cash out right away. On the flip side, at 123 bingo when you make your $50 deposit and get 300% bonus, and win a nice prize that you may want to cash out, you will first need to have gone through a 3 x wager rule on your bonus.

Here’s the math: you deposit $50, you get $150 in bonus. That means you’ll need to wager your $150, three times before you can cash out your prize. That means, a total of $450 has to be wagered at a site like 123 bingo where at Bingo Mania, you don’t need to wager any set amount before you can cash out.
Free Bonuses

As a member of the Bingo Mania community, you get daily free bonus specials without any silly wager rule. Here’s a schedule of our daily free bingo bonus specials for you:

  • Newbie offer: $5 free no deposit bingo
  • Newbie offer: 500% free bonus on your 1st & 2nd deposits
  • Wed & Sat: 100% to 300% free + Your Rewards Bonus
  • Daily: 100% to 200% free + Your Rewards Bonus

Why You Will Love Bingo Mania Instead Of 123 Bingo Online

  • Voted Top Bingo Site of 2010 by bingo players
  • Longest running and most trusted bingo site to date
  • A minimum of $60 to $600 free welcome bonus
  • Over $3,000,000 in monthly cash-outs
  • Quick Payouts
  • No silly wager requirements before you can cash out your winnings
  • Friendly community
  • A Winner every 8 seconds
  • Loose Bingo Progressive Jackpots with massive payouts
  • And much more.

Here at Bingo Mania we believe you should have more chance to bingo – that’s why we are one of the only US online bingo sites that:

  • offers weekly Fair n’ Square Bingo tournaments where everyone receives the same number of bingo cards for a chance at huge cash prizes an opportunity for our members to unlock exclusive freeroll bingo tournaments with high paying.
  • an opportunity for our members to unlock exclusive freeroll bingo tournaments with high paying bingo game

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Alias: OverHereSkip
High Roller Jackpot: $2,513.94

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Loony Bin Coverall: $1000

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Alias: karina
Loony Bin Coverall: $1000

Prizes Per Day

We’ll give where credit is due – as of writing 123 Bingo does offer their members some exciting prizes and specials which even has our team on the edge of our seats. For example, our hat goes off to the team at 123 bingo for these promos:

  • Daily Raffles
  • an October 5th $50,000 Raffle (wow)

Hosting raffles online are fun and we’ve done a few here at Bingo Mania as well. To ensure our raffles were done with the utmost transparency and creditability, we used the 3rd party raffle system from Random.org which the results are publicly available to every entrant who wants to verify their correct entry and results of the draw.

We just hope for the good of our industry, that the folks over at 123bingo online conduct their raffles using a reputable 3rd party tool like Random.org!


In conclusion, we feel 123 Bingo online is a good site with fantastic bingo specials like their daily and weekly cash raffles. However, not all bingo sites are equal. Where 123 Bingo might have an edge over Bingo Mania with their monthly cash raffles, we believe Bingo Mania offers it’s members a more complete and enjoyable bingo experience because of our no silly wager rule requirements and easy deposit options.

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