Bingo in the Movies and Bingo Scenes Of All Time

Bingo has become so much a part of our culture that when there is a bingo scene in a movie or on television, everyone seems to get it. Bingo really has become a part of our lives and to reflect this, there are countless movies that have been released that are either about bingo, bingo players, or feature a major scene in which bingo is involved.

For anyone who has seen the film, Inglourious Basterds, who could possibly forget the film’s most memorable line delivered by Austrian actor Christoph Waltz as Colonel Hans Landa, when he squeals, “That’s a bingo!”? His delight is infectious!
Here are some other films that are based on the game of bingo or show bingo scenes featuring characters playing bingo on the big screen.

  • Bingo Night - (2014)

This Arizona Film Festival Choice award winner tells the story of an elderly woman whose son loses his job. She has to save her home and she decides that the only way she can do it is to knock over the local bingo parlor with a little help from her friends.

  • HOUSE! - (2000)

The La Scala bingo hall located in South Wales is threatened by the opening of the largest bingo center in the UK. One of the staff at La Scala, Linda, learns that she has the ability to predict bingo numbers. She believes that her new powers will not only help her to save the La Scala bingo operation, but to help buy out her aunt’s interest in her mother’s house. As a bonus win, Linda finds romance with a young bingo caller.

  • King of the Bingo Game - (1999)

This film, which is based on a short story by Ralph Ellison, is less fun and more serious. Set in the Depression era in New York City’s Harlem district in 1943, the main character, Sonny, is an African American man who frequents the local bingo parlor. Because they have a new baby and his wife is ill, Sonny hopes to win enough money to support his struggling young family.

  • Bingo! The Documentary - (1999)

Today, filmmakers will make a documentary about any number of topics. It should come as no surprise that filmmaker John Jeffcoat made a documentary about a simple game that rakes in billions of dollars worldwide. Jeffcoat went great lengths in his film to illustrate the history of the game, speak to academics and industry experts about the appeal of bingo, and why this simple game is loved worldwide. This well-researched film shows the different varieties of bingo games both in the United States and the UK and attempts to dispel the myth that bingo is mostly something that ‘older people play’ by showing the diversity of those who play the game.

  • Rampage – Bingo Scene – (2010)

This is probably one of the only humorous scenes in this entire film. Armed to the teeth and dressed in full military-style Kevlar armor, the bingo players are completely unaware of their presence and are focused only on the bingo game.  They remain oblivious to what’s going on until one of the men interferes with the bingo caller.

  • Better Call Saul – “Bingo”

Cable channel, AMC, recently launched a spinoff to its popular Breaking Bad Series featuring small-time criminal defense attorney, Saul Goodman.  In Season One’ 7th episode entitled, “Bingo”; Saul is calling bingo in an Albuquerque retirement community where he goes on a rant.

  • Hotel Transylvania – (2012)

This clip from a popular animated film is rather short, coming in under 30 seconds. Even so, it is a humorous clip featuring whispering skull bingo balls. One of the spooky looking bingo players in attendance realizes she has won and calls out, “Bingo!” Just as she shouts out the word, her card is devoured by the goblin that’s sitting next to her.

This is the coolest list of the movies we have experienced with the Bingomania Team, so we wanted to share them with you as well. The best of bingo movies and bingo scenes are there. If we have missed any just comment your favorite ones below!

If you haven't watched any of the mentioned movies, hurry up! Lately share your thoughts with us in the comments and experience what you have learnt from the movies at Bingomania.

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