How to Know it's Time to Play Bingo for Real Money

Mar 15, 2021

Everyone loves to play bingo, and if you’re reading this you probably have an interest in playing it again. But you may be wondering why would you want to play for real money? Our players have several reasons for why they do so. Sometimes they want to try to win a jackpot. Others see it as an entry fee to be able to chat with other players from around the world.

Yet there is still a gut feeling many people have about not plopping down cash to play online bingo. So, we’re going to address those feelings and help you figure out if it is time for you to play bingo with real money.

  • The anti-gaming argument

For some people, gaming for money is a no-go. It could be for personal reasons, cultural reasons, or even religious reasons, but gaming for money is a hard line. Perhaps they knew someone who developed a gaming problem and decided that gaming for money is not for them.

For some people, any level of gaming is dangerous. If you know you have a gaming problem, we recommend that you seek help in dealing with the problem. We can respect it if you have made a firm decision about avoiding all gaming. But if you already play small games like scratch-off tickets or the local lottery, you’re not spending too much more than you already would here at BingoMania.  You also get a lot more out of the experience. Your initial deposit lets you play many games of bingo and our bonus cash lets you play many games for free on top of that! Think of it like buying a small bundle of scratch-off tickets for your birthday, with a lot more enjoyment.

  • The worth-your-time argument

Some people see gaming as a way to pass the time, but wonder why passing the time by paying a bit of cash is worth it to play a game is worth it. The past decade has pretty much blown this argument out of the water. Online gaming for money is everywhere. People go to smartphone app stores or Steam, pay a bit of cash, and get a game. Many games offer in-game transactions to get an edge over the competition. Some games (*cough* Candy Crush *cough*) even engineer their games to push you to make those extra transactions.

If you’re already playing a game like these and you’re enjoying your time, what’s the difference from spending a few dollars and setting up an account here to play bingo or slots with people all over the world? There isn’t one! You just have to decide if bingo is fun enough for you to plunk some money down. And we think with our variety of games and the interesting people you can meet, you’ll find the small investment worth it.

  • The not-enough-stakes argument

Perhaps gaming isn’t the problem, but bingo may seem, well, boring in comparison to other games. You may have seen our infographic on how to tell what kind of game you’d like to play. Bingo’s stakes might be too low or require too little skill to hold your interest.

That’s why we have other games here at BingoMania to suit the tastes of other types of players. We offer slots, video poker, and table games, all of which can have higher payouts and higher risk than our bingo rooms. And you can still pop into the bingo rooms to talk with the people who hang out there. We try to have something for everyone here at BingoMania.

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to give our gaming rooms a try. If you already play scratch tickets or do microtransactions in games, you’re already spending small amounts of money for a bit of fun. Why not do it in a place where you can talk with people from around the world? Click our sign up button today and give us a try. You won’t be disappointed

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