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Bingo Fundraising: Why Bingo is the Go-To Choice for Local Fundraisers

Moses Mehraban
Jun 29, 2020

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    One of the most popular ways that nonprofit and other charitable organizations raise money is through bingo. Many churches, schools, and youth organizations such as drum and bugle corps, for example, find that bingo is their top fundraising activity. Here are some of the reasons why bingo can be top fundraising for your organization.

    • Bingo Games are Fairly Inexpensive to Set up

    When you get right down to it, the things needed to hold a bingo game is a large room, a lot of tables and chairs, a bingo caller and bingo supplies. There are businesses that specialize in these types of supplies, or sometimes they can be found in party stores. You may even be able to rent or even borrow permanent bingo cards from another church or organization.

    • You can Get Entire Families Involved 

    Bingo Night is a great way for the team members and their families to get involved. They can help with collecting admission fees, selling bingo cards or bingo sheets and packets, and helping to run the concession stand and with the cleanup. Being a part of bingo fundraising activities can create a feeling of being invested in the success of the group and activities, particularly if there is a goal in mind. 

    • Bingo is Good Clean Fun for All Ages

    Almost everyone learns how to play bingo from a very early age. Bingo is a game that can bring both focus and the high energy of excitement when someone wins. Typically a bingo session lasts anywhere from 3 -5 hours so it can easily fill up an afternoon or evening.

    • A Great Bingo Caller can also Draw People to Your Fundraiser

    When choosing your bingo caller, it’s a good idea to choose a caller who has a fair amount of experience or you may be fortunate enough to be able to bring in someone who would bring in more players for the event. Some bingo games for charity will bring in one or more celebrity callers to encourage more attendance and raise the level of excitement.

    • Bingo Games can be Hungry Work!

    Almost every bingo game, whether held in a temporary or permanent bingo hall, will have a concession stand as well. Some concession foods served at bingo games have reached almost cult status. Homemade favorites such as carrot cake, barbecued pork sandwiches and angel food cake slathered with a generous helping of either fresh strawberries or blueberries can bring in their fair share of funds as well. 

    • Bingo Prizes can be Anything

    While most bingo fundraisers will give away cash jackpots, bingo games can offer anything as a prize. Prize offerings can include highly desirable, big-ticket items such as televisions, trips, or service packages from businesses donating them to the charity. These businesses get a tax write off and are able to engage with the community and help them to get to know other products and services offered. Sometimes prizes can be pure fun, too. Even prizes that seem to be a bit of a white elephant can be highly desirable when it’s presented in a fun manner. 

    Bingo has long been respected as the perfect way for organizations within local communities to raise operating funds. Some think that having an online bingo fundraiser would also increase the number of options for groups and charities to raise money. Bingomania has hosted charity bingo games in our local community in Antigua. Of course, we believe online bingo and charity fundraising would be a natural fit. We would love to also be able to hold online bingo games as a way to raise funds for important charities that our members also support. 

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