Worldwide Bingo Rules Including Basic to Strange Ones

May 14, 2020

Bingo is a game that many of us played even when we were very young. Most people know the basics. Did you know that you can really mix it up on bingo variations between online bingo and offline? Some of the rules out there are quite strange. 

What are the rules for bingo?

There are many ways that people can enjoy playing bingo, so depending on the fact the rules for bingo games can vary. If you are a newbie in the bingo world, so before starting the game, make sure you have read the basic rules of bingo. 

In professional games, the rules vary a bit, but it's a different case that can be discussed later.

How to win bingo rules?

Actually, people may have a question whether it is possible to win the game and keep the rules at the same time. Surely you can win only when you follow the rules and instructions of the game. Play it safe by following the rules and being honest, so let’s find out what are the most common rules that players need to consider while or before starting the game:

  • Age: Players must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Beverages and Snacks:

Actually, some local based places did not allow any kind of alcoholic beverages. Regarding the food and snacks, the establishments want you to buy their hot dogs, chips, and soda, so outside food is prohibited.

  • Leaving or entering the hall is prohibited:

During the game, the players aren't allowed to leave or enter the hall during the games.

  • Reservation

Reserving specific cards may not be allowed.

What Are the Basic Bingo Rules?

Every 75-ball bingo game is played with 5 x 5 bingo cards. There are five columns on each card or ticket that correspond to the letters B-I-N-G-O. The numbers that go under each letter are in a specific range:

  • B - 1-15
  • I - 16-30
  • N - 31-45
  • G - 46-60
  • O - 61-75

At the exact center of the card is a Free Space that is considered marked at the start.

A letter is called followed by a number in the correct range. The letter helps players look at the correct column when scanning their cards. The caller usually draws each number from a hopper that holds bingo balls. 

Winners are determined by who gets the agreed-upon pattern first. When someone gets a bingo,  they usually yell it out loud if they’re at a live bingo hall. The number and letter combinations are checked in order to check the winning card. If there is a winner, a new bingo game is begun. If the card did not win, the current game continues until there is a winner. 

Common Bingo Courtesies

  • Reserving Cards

In most places, reserving specific bingo cards is not allowed. 

  • Letting Someone Else Watch Your Cards

Most bingo halls will not allow players to have friends or family watch their cards.  In some bingo halls, each person who is seated may be required to have their own buy-in or an attendance ticket that is in view while they are playing the game. When playing online, however, you don’t have to worry about that. You can have a family member or friend sit in for you while you step away for a moment. There are some online games that watch and daub your tickets for you so you can win when you’re not even in the room.

  • Manners

The key to bingo hall bliss is to be quiet and not disrupt the game, and that includes any guests you bring to the hall. Players must be able to hear the caller and callers have to hear Bingo. But there are also hidden rules about seating that are unique to each bingo hall. It’s common for players to have lucky seats. Sitting down in someone else’s spot can lead to some serious problems!

Unlike playing at your local bingo hall, if you play online and at home, you don’t have to worry about the noise factor. What’s more is that when playing online bingo, you can pick the best seat in the house any time of the day or night and never have to worry that someone else might want it.

Odd Bingo Rules

For some rules regarding bingo, the fact is stranger than fiction; here are some really strange rules about playing bingo games

  • Don’t Play Too Long!

One of the strangest rules turned up in the state of North Carolina. It’s the law that no bingo game ever lasts more than 5 hours. The law, which has been in effect for about 100 years, also stipulates that a game can only be played in a 48 hour period and for a prize of not more than $500. 

  • You Can’t Play For Goldfish

In the state of Georgia, according to the law, it is illegal to give away any live animal, fish, reptile, or bird as a prize for, or as an enticement to play bingo. No need to worry about such laws when playing bingo online at BingoMania. Our prizes are cash winnings or bonuses so you won’t run afoul of this law if you live in Georgia. However, once you have your winnings in hand, you can spend it any way you like – maybe even getting yourself a new pet. 

  • You say Bingo, I say Beano 

In the state of Maine, Beano, an early version of Bingo, is regulated by the state, and it has a strange rule. You can have staff sit in for you during play while you use the restroom. The rule, unfortunately, isn’t applicable for high-stakes Beano games, but for Bingo (or Beano) newbies this can be a real help!

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