Star Levels

Star Levels

How do I get XPs to level up?

Every time you play bingo, slots, video poker or any other game at BingoMania* you will receive Experience Points (XPs) to level up. The higher your star level, the higher the rewards!

Rewards Chart BingoMania

  • For every $1 played in bingo you will receive 10 XPs.
  • For every $1 played in slots you will receive 1 XPs.
  • For every $1 played in video poker, keno, Blackjack & scratchcards you will receive 1 XP.
  • Experience points will not be awarded on the roulette games.
  • Players who are inactive more than 30 consecutive days will drop down an entire star level. For example, if you are inactive and were a level 30 (yellow star) player, your star level will drop to Green.
  • You will receive XP points when wagering both cash and bonuses.
    For the launch of the rewards program Cash and Bonus wagers award the same XPs. This is a limited time special as bonus wagers will award less XPs in the future.
  • The 5%-20% cash-back bonus is awarded on Tuesdays to qualifying players who have not requested a withdrawal the previous week (Sunday-Monday). The Cash Back Bonus is based on the total deposits made the previous week and awarded accordingly depending on a player’s Star Level.

* The extra free funding bonus you’ll receive on top of the daily funding bonus.