Women Playing Bingo - A Popular Pastime That Has Been Played for Decades

May 21, 2020

There are more than 100 million people who play bingo both online or at a brick and mortar location. Of those, roughly 80% are women. But gone are the days when only old women played bingo at the local bingo hall. Many younger women (ages 18-35) are playing bingo. Playing online allows women to play any time of the day or night, on their lunch break at work or at night in the privacy of their own home. 

Here are some of the other great reasons to play bingo online with the ladies at BingoMania:

What women get while playing online games

  • Excitement

There’s nothing quite as exciting as winning a cash prize online at Bingomania. When you sign up you get $100 when you deposit your first $20 into your account! That gives you more money to play with and more chances to win. There is an inevitable rush of excitement when you win the game and are the first one to call BINGO! 

  • Pleasure & Happiness

Listed among the other emotions that women tend to feel when they win at bingo is a sense of pleasure. When you win as much as a few hundred or even a thousand dollars or more when playing at BingoMania, feelings of pleasure and happiness are definitely on the list.

  • Achievement

No matter how long you have been playing for any given session, it can sure feel like a real accomplishment when you win. Forty percent of women surveyed indicated that they felt a sense of accomplishment or achievement when they won playing online bingo

  • What About Lucky Numbers?

Studies indicate that while up to 61% of women playing bingo online don’t believe in lucky numbers and believe that they make their own luck both in games and in life. Even so, approximately 39% do believe in lucky numbers. BingoMania and other reputable online gaming sites use certified RNG software to keep things fair, but people still like to feel lucky!

Having Fun Even If You Don’t Win

No matter how closely you watch your cards, keep lucky charms, or are on the lookout for lucky numbers if you have them, it isn’t possible to win every game. Yet because bingo game is a social game, most women report feeling happy for and excited for their friends when they are the winners of the game. A significantly smaller number of women feel disappointed to see someone else, even a good friend win the game. Just 11% reported feelings of disappointment while an even smaller number of women, just between 3 – 5% of women surveyed, indicated that they were envious or even jealous. 

Even when you don’t win, when playing bingo or other games at BingoMania you can add up experience points and other ways to have fun and win. BingoMania offers freebies, progressive bonuses, and chances to win in our chat games. You and your friends can earn even more rewards when you get your friends to sign through our Bingo Pals program. So why not get together with some of your friends today and find out why BingoMania has been one of the most popular, fun and exciting bingo sites online to play and win at for more than 20 years.

Maximum Balance Limit:

Players can only make deposits into their accounts when their balances are lower than $100