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Bingo Olympics

Bingo has been played for a really long time in a lot of different forms. Every week you can find hundreds of thousands of players in bingo halls hunched over their cards and hunting for called numbers before someone else steals their bingo. It’s a lot of fun to play bingo, and while we do prefer the online form, obviously, there is an appeal to playing it in person.

Bingo Olympics

But one bingo hall wants to take the popularity of playing bingo to a whole new level. Call it a marketing stunt if you want, but Mecca Bingo, a big hall in the UK, has launched a campaign to make bingo an Olympic sport. Yes, you read that right.

And if you don’t believe us, believe the video!

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Celebrity Bingo Online Bingo and Bingo Crashing

The San Diego Comic-Con is happening this week. This fan convention is one of the largest in the entire country, so large that many celebrities like to attend the convention to hold special events as well. Yes, one of them is throwing a bingo party.

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Amid all the people dressed up like Klingons, Rainbow Sparkle, and Deadpool, Conan O’brien threw a special bingo party for the super-fans. He was in town for taping his TBS show and decided to throw the party. His shows during this week will feature guests who are involved in geeky television shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones.”

Conan BingoThe tournament was invite-only, so we have no idea whether the bingo games were played for money, or for door prizes, or just to have fun. But we do know a few things. Unlike many bingo halls, there was a whole lot of alcohol being served, and a group of backup dancers called the Conads. The organizer of the bingo game is known for over-the-top bingo games. Between games there was karaoke and a dance-off contest.

Another story this week talks about a woman who really wanted to play her bingo! She was so eager to get to the bingo hall that she drove her car into the side of the building. No one was injured though, and the 81-year-old woman stayed to play bingo. The building sustained wall and wire damage, but was not condemned. We can only hope that if it was a bingo for money game and she won that she got to keep some of the prize!

While we may not be able to give you a celebrity experience online, we can give you something that many bingo halls cannot give, great prizes! At BingoMania, you can play bingo games for actual cash prizes. Many of our winners are highlighted on our site. Several of them have won thousands of dollars in one of our game rooms. And you don’t have to worry about crashing into any buildings!

If bingo isn’t your thing, you can try one of our slot games like the new Under the Sea. You can also try lottery or table games. No matter what your desire for online gaming is we probably have a game for it. We are the longest-running online bingo site on the web, so we must be doing something right! Come see what many others have experienced, the fun of winning one of our games.

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What Will Be the Best Television Show of 2015?

Okay BingoMania Fans time for another session of lucky charm bonus giveaway.

The start of a new year is always a fine time to look out for some new television shows, and it looks like 2015 is going to be bringing us a lot of quality to our screens.

Top TV Show

Whether you want to see something completely new or the return of an old favorite, this coming year has what you are looking for. There are plenty of comedies, reality shows and dramas coming to our screens in the next few months.

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The Top Movies of 2014, So Far

We don’t just love bingo and other TV dram series, you know, the team in the office are also quite keen on popping on a DVD and settling back with something tasty to eat. Heading out to the movie theater is also something that never loses its appeal. If you are in the mood for a good movie then choosing from the top titles in 2014 might give you exactly what you are after, so in between bingo games at Bingo Mania check the following must-see movies ………



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The Highs and Lows of Dancing with the Stars 2014

If there’s one thing reality U.S. TV fans can thank their neighbors on the other side of the pond for it’s Dancing with the Stars. This hugely-popular American TV series came to life following the success of the equally well-loved UK TV series, Strictly Come Dancing. Both versions feature some of our favorite sports, television, and supermodel celebrities learning (or sometimes just improving) their skills on the dance-floor. Here in America, we’re so gripped by the weekly airings of Dancing with the Stars, that those of us who suffer from two left feet in reality at least now know the difference between a bolero and ballroom dancing, and a salsa and a shimmy.

Dancing with the stars

To keep us going until the Fall series begins in September 2014, we’ve been treated to the Spring series, which is the eighteenth season to run since the show began back in the summer of 2005.

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America’s Obsession with Game of Thrones

It might not be bingo, but Game of Thrones is swiftly becoming one of the favorite guilty pleasures of the people of North America and is one of the hottest water cooler topics at the Bingo Mania office.

So, why exactly has this fantasy-themed TV show got us (and much of the rest of the world) in such a fluster? Well, imagine the anticipation of playing for the biggest Full House prize you can think of, only to fall at the final hurdle with 1TG, but then winning another amazing prize unexpectedly, just an hour later… This comparison goes some way towards describing the highs and lows of the emotions that this smash hit show causes among its fan base each week.

Game of Throne

If you’ve been missing out on watching the series unfold due to lack of time, or just because you think fantasy-based dramas such as Lord of the Rings are the most boring things you can imagine, we urge you to think again. We know plenty of people who never expected to like the show end up raving about how great it is, and it’s currently ranked as the second-most popular TV broadcast in North America, which has to say something about how addictive it is…

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