Best Time In History For Online Bingo

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding where to play bingo online. It may seem like there is a dizzying array of options for the discerning player to try their luck. According to an article in SBC News, 50% of bingo players in the UK, where the game is the most popular, have accounts on 10 or more bingo sites, and 30% have accounts on 15 or more! So it’s okay to shop around and try some different ones before you settle in on your core list of sites you like.

Best Time for Online Bingo

This is a rather inventive time for new bingo sites all over the world. There was an explosion of interest over the past few years that drew a lot of new players to playing bingo online, but now the audience is starting to mature, so bingo sites are having to come up with new ways to offer a positive experience for new players and keep their loyal players happy. It means better games, more exciting promos, and of course, better funding bonuses are coming to you, the loyal player.

For instance, many sites are turning toward individual reward strategies, similar to what BingoMania did about a year and a half ago, with the launch of our new Progressive Reward Program. With the help of your feedback, we can introduce new incentives and promos to match your playing style.  For instance, we’ve recently offered you free spins on new games and progressive jackpot contributions towards new slot games. We are now also working on a new feature called the Bonus Spinner (coming soon). Our motto at Mania is: let’s offer our loyal players what they want.

Bingo sites are also having to compete with bingo applications that don’t involve money. Sure, you could do that, but you’d have no chance to win real money playing those games. We want to see our players win cash and have fun while they enjoy the games, the chat room features, and all the other site amenities.

If you are an avid bingo online player, this is the time. With so many sites competing for your attention, you can find great deals and unique rewards that you wouldn’t have been able to find before. But before you go wandering over, don’t leave before you try out Bingo Mania’s complete offerings: We have an excellent selection of

  • bingo games
  • slot games
  • table games for you to try out
  • plus a very friendly community who will be glad to talk with you about the site and about how much they love to play bingo!
  • Progressive Rewards Program
  • Surprise Funding Bonus Days
  • New innovative video slot games
  • More variety of slot games than any other bingo site
  • No silly bonus wager rule
  • massive bingo games

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