How to Use the Best of Online Gaming

There is no shortage of online gaming sites and casinos that offer ways for you to get more gameplay for your money and ways of increasing your chances of winning. Online gaming sites are very competitive, and the number of offers can be very tempting. Many of these sites will offer bonuses for signing up or getting your friends to join in on the fun. Here’s some advice on how to take advantage of deals and bonuses that are offered online.

  • Try to avoid bonus hunting

If you are looking to join a bunch of different online gaming or casino sites in the hopes of getting risk-free profits without risking any or very much of your own money, it probably isn’t worth the time or effort. Your best bet is to find a favorite site where you feel comfortable and stick with it. The more you play online, get friends to sign up or add to your funds means that you can get more bonuses awarded than if you skipped around to several different sites.

At the outset, what an online casino offers as a bonus may seem like a great deal. The best way to see what limitations are placed on these bonuses is to read the agreement. You may be required to deposit a certain amount or to purchase a certain number of cards or games before you receive the extra funds in your account.

  • Sign-up bonuses

These are set aside for users who are new to an online casino website. They want you to not only feel welcome but return to the site more than once. These bonuses are usually deposited directly into your gaming account and you may be required to deposit matching funds before they are released so you can use them for gameplay. Here on BingoMania, we offer $100 to be added to your account for signing up and depositing $20 into your account!

  • Keep on the lookout for new promos

Here at Bingomania, we are always looking to offer new and exciting promotional bonuses and prizes to keep our players interested and engaged. To get new players started, we offer them a sign-up bonus, as well as daily funding bonuses and player rewards.

  • Bring your friends and family

When you are having fun and winning money playing casino games or bingo online it’s hard to keep it all to yourself. With Bingomania’s Bingo Pals promos, you don’t have to! For every friend or family member you get to sign up at Bingomania, we will give you $20 in site cash whenever they deposit $20 or more. The bonuses don’t stop there! Every time your pal wins $25 or more in bingo games, you win $2, If they win $100, you win $10. If they end up being big winners, so do you! For every prize they win over $500, you get $50 and if they win $1,000 and up, you get $100 for you! 

The beauty of this program is that you can invite as many people as you like to be your BingoMania Bingo Pals. Just make sure that they name you when they sign up so that you get the bonus every time that they win for up to one year from their registration.

  • Loyalty Rewards

Every time you sign in to BingoMania and play, you win experience or XP points. For every $1 you bet on our bingo, slots and video poker games, you get 10 XP’s! We also add extra player incentives on certain days of the week through our bingo promotions. Also, every day you add funds into your account you will receive that day’s daily funding bonus. Check out how you can level up and win even more cash through our star levels.

Maximum Balance Limit:

Players can only make deposits into their accounts when their balances are lower than $100