Top 12 Astonishing Facts About Bingo Daubers

Aug 28, 2023

Bingo has been a part of most people’s childhoods, as it is an easy and enjoyable multiplayer game. While different players use various tools to mark numbers, such as regular pens or pencils, bingo daubers, dabbers, or dobbers are the original and essential tools for playing this game. However, there are many things that bingo players may not know about this tool. In this article, we have gathered 12 interesting facts about bingo daubers, including their origin, ink types, and usage. 

1. Bingo Daubers Origin

Bingo games date back to the 1500s in Italy and France. However, it wasn’t until the 1700s that they found their way to the United Kingdom and Europe, and it wasn’t until the 20th century that the game arrived in the United States. 

Back then, bingo markers were beans, so the game was called Beano for a while. Over time, players recognized the limitations of the bean marker and replaced it with what we now know as bingo daubers.

2. Usage of Bingo Daubers

After the bingo cards are distributed, the caller calls out random numbers. If the called number matches one on a player’s card, they must mark it. The process continues until a player marks enough numbers to win a prize per the bingo rules and shouts, “Bingo!”

3. Types of Bingo Daubers 

Disposable daubers

As the name suggests, this dauber type is designed for one-time use. It is recommended for beginners and is used in bingo halls and events. It is convenient because it eliminates the stress of clearing traditional bingo daubers and causes no mess.

Refillable daubers

These are sustainable and durable for regular players. They are also cost-effective, as players can change the ink in the daubers without throwing away the whole dabber. Furthermore, players are not restricted to a specific color, so they can change the ink whenever they want.

Plain daubers

Players can use traditional daubers until the ink runs out and throw them away. They last longer than disposable daubers and are also recommended for regular players.

4. Bingo Daubers Spelling (daubers, dabbers, or dobbers)

Different people spell the word “dauber” differently. Some say “bingo daubers,” others say “bingo dabbers,” and still others spell it as “bingo dobbers.” But the truth is, there is no right or wrong form when it comes to this word’s spelling. It is safe to say it the way one wants if the meaning is conveyed.

5. Ink Type in Bingo Daubers

Ballpoint ink is the most dominant ink type used in bingo daubers. Fountain pen and rollerball ink are also used in some daubers. These inks dry quickly and are easy to erase. Others include: 

Water-based ink

As the name suggests, the main component of this ink is water. As a result, it is easy to erase and clean. However, the drawback of this ink type is that it takes longer to dry than other types. 

Fluorescent ink

Also known as neon ink, this type absorbs ultraviolet (UV) energy and emits it with a glowing effect. Fluorescent ink is not permanent but mainly used for its bright, brilliant colors.

Scented ink 

To add an extra sensory element when playing bingo games, some prefer to use scented ink. This type is preferable because it’s durable, available in all ink colors, and provides an added fragrant dimension.

6. Bingo Daubers are Refillable

One of the key advantages of bingo daubers is being refillable. When the ink dries out, all you have to do is unscrew the cap of the empty dauber, add some ink from a bottle, and then screw the cap back on. However, this mechanism does not apply to all daubers. Only refillable daubers can be refilled in this way. 

7. Choosing a Bingo Dauber

If you are a serious bingo player, you need a high-quality dauber to ensure its long-lasting use. Therefore, you must ensure a smooth flow of ink and transparency. Being able to view the numbers behind the inkblot is important. The grip design is another crucial aspect to consider, ensuring a comfortable bingo experience.

8. Purchasing Bingo Daubers

One won’t have to look long to find good bingo daubers, as they’re available everywhere. They’re accessible for online purchases on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and bingo supply websites. Additionally, they can be found in bingo halls and stores if one prefers to examine the product in real life.

9. Bingo Daubers are Permanent

If you purchase a high-quality dauber with refillable ink, it will last long and be used multiple times. Plain daubers are also durable.

10. Daubers Usage in Online Bingo

Online bingo platforms provide a lifelike experience by using a virtual dauber. The icing on the cake is that online bingo daubers can be customized to match players’ preferences, such as color and shape.

11. DIY Bingo Daubers

Creating your own dauber can be a fun activity to add to the game, and it is not very complicated. You will need empty bottles with caps, small round sponges, and glue. Glue the round sponge tightly to the mouth of the bottle to hold the ink without making a mess. Once the sponge is in place, add a moderate amount of ink to the bottle and secure the cap. You can use stickers to decorate the bottles and create your own unique bingo daubers.

12. Bingo daubers aren’t restricted to bingo

Bingo daubers are not only used for marking bingo numbers. They also serve multiple purposes and can replace other pen types. Daubers are used for art projects, in classrooms, and for worksheets.

The bottom line 

In conclusion, bingo daubers are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are essential for playing bingo, but they can also be used for art projects, in classrooms, and for worksheets. 

Whether you are a serious bingo player or just looking for a fun activity, a bingo dauber is a great addition to your collection. It is not just a pen with a sponge cap; it is a multi-purpose tool that uses various types of ink and was originally beans!


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