Online Bingo Review Sites

Bingo is obviously our main draw. We love the game and we’d like to see more people play. But there’s a big bingo community out there outside of the halls. We want to share some of the top bingo site reviews on the web for participants in the community.

Though, the reviews found on most of these sites come from disappointed players, it is useful for sites like BingoMania, 123Bingo and Cyber Bingo to help bring attention to such review communities.

which_bingo_logo and

These two sister sites are large bingo directories. They give reviews on all the major sites and ranks them according to their criteria. The one with at the end focuses on bingo sites in the UK. If you want to get your feet wet on several websites, take a spin through these.


This site is in the same vein as the ones above, but it also has extensive pages on gambling laws, the rules of different bingo variations, and it also has a discussion forum for players. Another one-stop-shop for extending your bingo community!

If you just want to talk bingo, this is the site for you. It is a discussion forum for fans of the game. You can write about your latest jackpot, talk about your experiences on different sites, and much more. Check it out.


We’ve mentioned this site in the past. If you want to take advantage of free offers given by bingo sites, this is the place to look. You can get great sign-up bonuses, free spins on slots, and much more. Just make sure to read the fine print carefully!

The IXGames forum is a general forum on gaming sites online. If you want to branch beyond bingo into the world of sports betting and online poker, this is the place to go. They also have a bingo section.


Finally, the site with the easiest name to remember, this is another site aggregator for bingo websites. It also has articles on the latest bingo news from around the world.

Don’t be afraid to try multiple sites. You may like hanging around the UK crowd more than the US crowd we have here, or perhaps you just prefer 90 ball bingo more. If bingo is your passion, you owe it to yourself to explore the wide variety of bingo opportunities out there. Try reading some reviews on mobile bingo apps. You could sneak a game in anytime! Or sign up for one of the forums so you can complain about that cruddy site with the poor terms of service, or that one big blackout bingo that got away. Take a spin through these and let us know what you think.

A Comparison of Online Bingo to Bingo Halls

While we’re obviously big advocates of online bingo, it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the many bingo halls that continue to hold in-person games. Most people learn how to play bingo through playing with family at home or some charity function or school activity, but a bingo hall is a different experience. People who play bingo in dedicated buildings can get quite intense over their game!

Comparison of Online Bingo to Bingo Halls

Perhaps you’ve been curious about visiting a bingo hall. Will it be like your online experience? Or maybe you just want something to do? Here’s what you’ll need to know.


The space

Most bingo halls can be divided into three sections. The front entry will have the registration table where you can buy cards, daubers (special markers to hold down the cards), and sometimes concessions. The middle section will have long rows of tables for players to sit. The far end of the hall is where the caller runs the game. There will be some method for randomizing bingo draws. There will also be a big board that will show which numbers have been called so far. Sometimes it will also have information about the game that is in progress.

Bingo Halls

Game types

Most bingo halls in the US play 75-ball bingo using 5×5 cards. The classic bingo win is to get five spots in a row in any direction, but in bingo halls there are quite some ways to win. The caller is responsible for describing the win conditions before each game, but you’ll have to keep a close eye on your card to see if you have it. There are many combinations. Most are shapes of some kind, but some are specific objects like airplanes or letters of the alphabet. Sometimes these shapes can win in any direction! This makes it tricky to tell if you’ve won, lending excitement to the game. Large jackpot games might even require you to black out your entire card!

Playing the game

Each card is marked with a special paint pen called a dauber. It is vital that you only mark the numbers that you have. A card with incorrect marks could be considered invalid even if the actual numbers marking the bingo are painted correctly.

Hearing a caller do bingo for the first time can be disorienting. Many callers use a particular set of slang terms for each number, though most do call the number after the slang. At the very least, you can see which numbers have been called by looking at the light-up board. This bingo slang is part of the appeal of playing in a hall. Learning the slang can give you a slight edge over a new player if you can recognize the reference and mark you card before they can.

Unlike online bingo, there’s no automatic check for a win. You have to yell out Bingo in order to claim your prize. After bingo is called, the caller will send someone to look at the card and the numbers. If the card is validated the game is finished and you win. If not, then you’re out. Because players have to call out bingo to win, talking is strongly discouraged during play. No social chatting like you can in our bingo rooms! Some light chatting does happen between games.


One other thing to look for in bingo halls is particular fears by players. Some of them can get kind of weird. Sitting in the same spot is a big one and you should be prepared to give up your seat if someone comes in later to claim it. Another superstition is to leave money or coins in a particular pattern over your cards, but others say money on the table at all is bad luck. Other lucky charms and even entire rituals are done by some players hoping to catch an edge.

If you like playing online bingo, you might want to try a bingo hall once or twice and see if you like playing that as well. It’s an interesting change of pace. But, we have to say, online bingo is a lot easier for the newcomer to get into!

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Bingo Billy Login – Learn Why NewBingoBilly Bonus Is Not Friendly

ello Bingo Billy fans, before you login to New Bingo Billy, we thought you’d might also be interested in BingoMania.

BingoBilly Login

Why you ask?

Well, here’s why we think you’ll get more value from BingoMania instead of Bingo Billy:

  • Life changing bingo games & jackpots
  • 500% free bonus on your 1st deposit
  • plus, huge daily and special bonus days
  • Best of all, no wager bonus rule like new bingo billy

What else?

Cash-Back Incentive
How about this – at, you’ll receive 10% cash back once per month, whereas at Mania, you get 20% cash back every Tuesday.

No Wager Rule

NewBingoBilly is like all other bingo sites on the web that mislead players with huge free bonus, then force a non-friendly bonus wager rule to ensure you never cash out your winnings.

We believe that’s funny business – after all, bingo is more fun when you win a huge prize and are able to receive your winnings without fuss.

Here’s where we think you should be careful when it comes to playing at NewBingoBilly.

3.5 x bonus & deposit wager rule on bingo games

This means, if you receive one of the weekly special bonuses of $313 + $100 free ($413 in total) on a deposit of $100, you have to wager your $413 bonus $1,795 before you can cash out your winnings.

NewBingo Billy Wager Rule


Exactly. In other words, let’s say you won $1,000 on a bingo game and you want to cash out. Bingo Billy will not allow you to withdraw your winnings until you wager your winnings several times well over $1,795 to qualify.

This means, basically, you will have to wager your entire $1,000 and another $795 to qualify. By the time you meet their silly bonus wager rule, your winning of $1,000 will be gone.

Do you think that’s a fair bonus offer?

We understand some players love their bonus and are not so much interested in cashing out. They simply want to ensure their deposit allows them to play a long time.

This is why at Mania, you’ll find no silly bonus wager rule on easy to grasp deposit bonuses such as:

  • 100% minimum daily bonus and up to 300% daily bonus
  • Plus 100% minimum Wed & Saturday bonus and up to 400% bonus on these days
  • All without a bonus wager rule

Do you still think it’s fair to login to Bingo Billy?

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and our hope is to only provide the clear facts about site that are not up front with their bonus promos and give bingo online a bad rap.

Bingo Billy Login

If you do want to still play there, feel free to visit or give BingoMania, North America’s longest and most trusted bingo site with a $5 free and 500% free bonus on your 1st deposit now! 

Bingo Mania Free Bonus Codes

Looking for  Bingo Mania Free Bonus Codes?

You won’t be able to find them.


Bingo Mania Free Bonus Code

Let us explain, unlike other online sites where you can find free bonus codes hidden across the web, a while back, we decided we will offer our best promos up front to all welcoming players without the need of any silly bonus codes.

That means, as a new player, you can rest assure you’ll receive the best and most rewarding free bonuses being offered by Bingo Mania directly from

Our current bonus offers for newbies are as follow:

  • $5 free welcome bonus which allows you to try a couple of games before making a deposit
  • 500% free bonus on your 1st deposit (that’s a minimum $100 free bonus)

Then, you can enjoy further bonuses as you continue to play at Mania:

  • a minimum of 100% on all your future deposits  with special 500% free bonus events
  • 20% loyalty cash-back on Tuesdays
  • Surprise bonus giveaways
  • Daily special chat games where you can unlock more free bonuses

As we’ve been known to highlight, free bonuses alone are not what creates an enjoyable bingo online experience. We believe good value bonuses combined with exciting promos and cash prizes are the ideal recipe for the best in bingo experience.

We hope this posts saves you time in the search of Bingo Mania free bonus codes and allows you to jump right into the exciting games available for you on our site.

Have a fantastic day and happy playing!

Your Guide for Playing Bingo Online For Money

 you’re looking to play bingo online for money, you’ve come to the right place. Since we launched back in 1996 as one of the first internet bingo sites, we’ve gained tons of knowledge and experience over the past two decades.

How to Play Bingo online for Money

Fast forward to present, not only can you play for real money at Mania but you can now play the popular game on various devices & channels:


  1. Online for pay to play from your desktop & laptop
  2. Free play on several bingo sites
  3. On your iPad or mobile device
  4. or on Facebook with sites like Zynga
  5. and of course at your favorite local bingo hall

Though there are many ways to enjoy a game of bingo, sites such as BingoMania or BingoPalace remain as the preferred option for real cash prizes.

How To Get Started Playing Online For Real Money

If you’re in North America, there are about twenty or so sites that are pay-to-play with standard technology to easily and securely play.

To get started, heres’ a quick laundry of check list to go through before you sign up:

1) Do you receive a no deposit bingo?

If yes – Always check the site’s bonus policy.

You want to watch out for any funny business such as bonus wager rules. (see below for more details)

2) Do a search on Google “site name + review” to see what other players have said about this site

If after above you’re still interested, here’s what we suggest:

1) Sign up for an account

2) Before you make a deposit, open one of the bingo rooms and the chat room

3) Get a sense of how vibrant the chat community is

4) Look at the current & upcoming bingo games’ prizes. Are they descent jackpots?

5) How often does the bingo room’s jackpot get hit? (TIP: you can find this usually on the site’s winner’s page)

What Are Bonus Wager Rules?

Think about it this way – when you walk into a land base casino, does the club give you any bonus when you exchange your money into chips to beat the house?

Of course not!

To remain competitive, online sites do offer you a bonus. These bonuses are intended to extend your playtime and enjoyment.

But majority of sites protect themselves by imposing a bonus wager rule on your bonus money before you become eligible to cash out any of your winnings.

Typically, you can expect on average a bonus wager rule of 3 x the bonus you received.

For example if you receive 100% free bonus on your $20 deposit, you’ll have to wager a minimum of $60 before you can qualify to cash out your winnings.

Why $60? Since you receive $20 free in bonus and the sites 3 x bonus wager rule will require you to wager $60 (3 x $20 = 60).

Are there any sites that do not force any bonus wager rule?

Yes!  In fact a competitor of ours and of course us at BingoMania are one of the few sites that do not make players go through silly bonus wager rules.

We believe, you have more fun when you receive fantastic deposit bonuses to go along with life changing jackpots like our regular $100,000 Bingo Game.

How Do You Cash Out Your Winnings?

In North America – winnings on average take 7 days to reach you after you have requested a withdrawal.

Traditionally you can receive your winnings in the form:

  • Wire Transfer
  • Money Gram
  • Bank Transfer
  • or Check

How Can You Load Your Account Safely?

You have several options for loading your account which includes:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • eWallets

Each site is different – so be sure to see which options are available to you from the cashier page.

There you have it – hope you found this guide to playing bingo for money helpful and if you have any comments or suggestions we’d love to hear from you in the comment box below.

For more tips, we suggest you check out these resources:

Happy playing.

How to play bingo on your iPad

As many of you know, BingoMania’s games are flash based. But that doesn’t fare well when you want to play a few  bingo games on the go or from on your beautiful retina displayed iPad device.

Puffin App

Thanks to 3rd party app developers, you can now enjoy flash based games from your iPad and iPhone device, thus mobile gaming is possible for flash based games.

The amazing fast  Puffin browser has made it super easy for you to load flash and it’s surprisingly a pleasant experience.

Depending on your internet speed, flash games will load and play as they would on an Android or on your desktop browser.

We love Puffin so much here at BingoMania that we offer all of our members who download the $2.99 paid version a $5 credit into their BingoMania account.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit iTunes app store and download the paid version of Puffin App
  2. Then contact our support team and we will credit your account with $5 as a token of our appreciation

Moving forward, whenever you’re in the mood to play bingo mania games on your ipad or iphone, simply open the Puffin Browser and type in the url box and login as you would normally.

Your games will load and you will have access to the full version of the Mania site.

Online Bingo Chat Rooms and Chat Games

One of the most common things that players say they love the most about playing online bingo is the social factor, and that wouldn’t be possible without the existence of chat rooms. Nearly all online bingo rooms have chat windows although not all games are hosted by a chat moderator; they’re an excellent place to hang out and get to know your fellow roomies, as well as ask for help, talk about shared interests, and even play chat games where you can win prizes.


If you’re used to playing bingo the traditional way at a land-based club, you’ll know that when a game’s about to start, it’s “eyes down” all round. The main reason for this enforced silence, as you’re probably well aware, is so that everyone can hear the caller shout the numbers out. However, with online and mobile bingo, the numbers magically pop up on your screen so there’s not the same necessity to have absolute silence at all times. Plus, provided you take advantage of the auto-dab option, you won’t even need to concentrate on marking the numbers off your cards. This frees up a significant amount of your time and allows you to sit back and enjoy the game without as much pressure. While some players prefer to take a spin on side-games at the same time as a bingo game plays out, others prefer to keep the chat going.

bingo chat room

Why chat?

There are plenty of reasons why it’s good to talk while you’re playing a game, and one of the nicest things to see in your chat room window is the amount of encouraging and congratulatory comments from your fellow roomies. Should you win, it’s more than likely that not only your chat host will give you a jolly good virtual slap on the back, but the other players will as well; so, it’s always nice to return the favour when someone else scores a Full House, even if you really wanted the win for yourself.

Once you become familiar with the chat moderators and regular players, it’s fun to catch up with how everyone’s doing. So, without saying anything inflammatory or disrespectful, if you’ve had a bad day at the office, feel free to share. One thing that won’t be tolerated, however, is insults that are directed at other players, so even if you’re only having a laugh, be mindful at all times of how you’re communicating. You should also avoid the urge to type entire phrases and sentences in capital letters as this is viewed as ‘shouting’ and gets in the way of important messages that the chat moderator may be trying to communicate.

What role does the chat host play?

At online bingo sites, there are several hosts who normally work in shifts so that there is sufficient cover around-the-clock. The good news is that they’re around to make life more enjoyable and fun for the players and it’s only in extreme circumstances that they would ever consider banning anyone from the chat room or site. Their main job is to make people feel welcome, but they’re also responsible for answering questions and resolving issues, announcing winners, explaining chat games, and keeping the general mood cheerful. So, if you’re new to online bingo or a particular site, and you want to ask a question about the game you’re playing, just type your query as concisely as possible in the chat room window and they’ll get back to you as quickly as they can.

The hosts are often referred to CMs and CHs (chat moderators and hosts), and you may well one day want to consider becoming one yourself. While jobs are often available, just be aware that it’s quite a demanding role, which requires patience, multitasking, strong levels of concentration over long periods of time, the ability to disperse potential arguments or friction, explain game rules confidently, and ensure that everything runs like clockwork …… and of course have excellent keyboard skills; so, while it might look easy on the surface, the role of a CM is anything but.

How chat games work

One of the things we’ve already alluded to a couple of times in this article is the topic of chat games. These are a great way to ensure that your time playing games is never dull, and they also offer you the opportunity to get your hands on additional prizes. The diversity of chat games is truly extraordinary, so we really can’t give you a definitive list. However, here are just a few examples of the types of games you might come across while you’re playing online.

The following games can be enjoyed alongside some of Bingo Manias most popular games:

Trivia quizzes

Some sites like to run trivia quizzes where roomies need to answer either one or a series of questions correctly in the quickest time possible. In return, the CM will usually dish out loyalty point rewards. Quizzes are a great way to test your knowledge and reaction times, and it’s always handy to pick up extra loyalty points for free.


Some sites reward you for when other roomies win. It sounds a bit odd, we know, but it’s all to do with being neighbours (or Nabors, as they’re often referred to in the world of online bingo). For example, if your name appears in the chat list directly above or below the last winner, typing “Nabors” immediately after their win could secure you some handy BBs.

Sing-along games

This type of game is pretty popular across many of the big online bingo sites, and when the CM types the first line of a song, the first person to guess the tune correctly gets some free bonus credits or loyalty points.


Now that you’re all clued up and ready to get chatting, why not head to your favourite online bingo site and introduce yourself to a few CMs and roomies. If you can’t find a schedule of what types of chat games that the site hosts and what time they take place, ask the customer support team who will no doubt be very happy to point you in the right direction.

Maximum Balance Limit:

Players can only make deposits into their accounts when their balances are lower than $100