Bingo Tournaments

Weekly Bingo Tourneys

Must Play Weekly Bingo Tournaments

High bingo prizes await you in the BingoMania must play weekly bingo tournaments on:

  • Wednesdays 9pm to 12am EST
  • Fridays 9pm to 12am EST
  • And Saturdays 9pm to 12am EST

At least 3x a week, you'll find the Loony Bin hosting a special evening bingo tournament where you'll be showered with high-paying prizes, free games, double chat games (BBs), and more.

Type of games you'll find

  • Guaranteed pots between $250 to $500 prizes per game
  • Non-stop $100,000 coverall bingo games
  • Free Bingo games
  • Double BBs chat games
  • 1 TGs and other exciting consolation prizes