10 Things You Can Do with Your Next Win

Everyone thinks or even dreams about it. We discuss it among our families, friends, and coworkers and ask ourselves; “What would I do with the money when I win?”

bingo win? what to do?

We’ve all got dreams, big and small. No matter how much money is involved, whether it’s a little or a lot, winning can be exciting.

Here are 10 ideas of what to do with your winnings playing bingo online here on BingoMania:

  1. Go out to dinner – If you and your partner have a favorite restaurant that you haven’t frequented in years, why not go there with your latest BingoMania winnings? Even the smallest treats can pay off real dividends in memories with the ones you love.
  2. Go to the spa or salon for some extra pampering – There is certainly nothing wrong with spending your winnings on a little bit of self-indulgence. Think of it as investing in yourself for a little “you” time. Booking a day at the salon or the spa is a fantastic way to spend your winnings. You can get your hair done, have a makeover, enjoy a full massage, a facial, a manicure or pedicure for example and you will feel absolutely fabulous afterward!
  3. Buy that outfit you’ve had your eye on – Along the theme of pampering, you might want to take your BingoMania winnings and splurge on that chic outfit you’ve had your eye on, for example, or get that gorgeous leather jacket that’s just your style. It feels awesome to have something new in your closet and if you bought it with your winnings, it might even make you feel lucky!
  4. Get someone you love that special thing they have been wanting – Has your partner been moaning about that 20-year-old coffee maker or lawn mower? Have the kids been badgering you about getting the latest X-Box game or bicycle that all their friends are riding these days? A BingoMania win can be the perfect time to give that ‘just because’ gift and let them share in your latest windfall.
  5. Pay off a debt – There is nothing in the world quite like having a zero balance on your credit card, car loan, student loan or mortgage! Even if you only win enough money to make a substantial or even a single payment on any one of these, imagine how good it will feel to have it taken care of.
  6. Buy a new car – Maybe it’s time to get rid of the old clunker and get a new set of wheels. It’s entirely possible to win enough money playing bingo online that you can walk into a dealership and pay cash for a new vehicle.
  7. Start a college fund – Sending your kids to college or going back to yourself doesn’t have to be a distant dream. You can take your BingoMania winnings and put them into a college fund for your child or even yourself.
  8. Do some home remodeling – Maybe it’s time to update your kitchen, bathroom or another part of your home. You could get some new living room or bedroom furniture or finally get rid of those 30-year-old Harvest Gold or Avocado colored appliances and get something new. How about splurging on that reconditioned claw foot bathtub you’ve always been wanting? Your BingoMania winnings can turn your home into your dream home.
  9. Make a charitable donation – You could make a donation to your favorite charity to help one of your favorite causes. Whether you are inspired by Public Broadcasting, Doctors Without Borders, or your local animal shelter, giving has its own rewards. The nice thing about this option is that not only do you feel good about it; you get a deduction on your taxes, too.
  10. Take that luxury vacation you’ve been promising yourself – Maybe you have wanted to take a break from work, unplug the phone, and go on a cruise. Or you could journey to a far off dream vacation in Europe, an African safari or spend it lying on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas. You can even keep playing BingoMania even while you’re on vacation, too!

What will you do with your next BingoMania winnings? Whatever your dream is, share some of your ideas with us in the comments.

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bingo win? what to do?

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27 thoughts on “10 Things You Can Do with Your Next Win

  1. Well, When and if I ever do win big, I will buy me a Car as I just need one so I won’t have to depend on the van and bus to take me and it cost each time. I would also pay some bills, buy my grandkids something they really wanted, Add some to an emergency fund in case, also I would take a friend or my sis in law out for dinner, I would of course make a large deposit to win some more on Mania Bingo, If is a very large word but its my turn to win and I Imagine, Belive and Dream big and Believe it will happen for me sometime soon to. My favorite is the Pattern of The Black out the anticipation of waiting for the numbers to fill in my card to be called. Gl all TEARSOFJOY

  2. I usually buy furniture or kitchen gadgets. One of my mania wins actually got my car fixed. I also share with the grandkids and take them out for a meal and shopping.

  3. I always spend my winnings on my kids they always need something new . My favorite Pattern is the Joystick and Z aswell as 4 pack ,……. Yuggs

  4. I love the coveralls. Next big win, I’m getting my soon to be 14 year old daughter new school and church clothes. She loss lots of weight and needs new clothes for high school. I lost some too, so I’m excited for the anticipation of winning.

  5. If i ever win big i will use the money to pay of some debts as we have quite a few and would try and set a little asside to go out with the hubby as we only go out for dinner etc once a year. :(


    1. i wood never know what to do with a super big win do to i have never won a big pjp or a lot to do so but if i was to ever win big i can pay off a lot of my bills get some things my boys want or keep it on the site and play a lot of slots and bingo like i do if i win a lit….but like i say one day i will fall out of my chair whit and omg after all the yrs i been a player i got a super big win devileyes70

  6. I posted days ago but don’t see it anymore. I said if I were to win, I would pay bills and take my daughter shopping. She has maintained straight A’s in honors courses, is a cheerleader, sings in Honors Chorus and loss a lot of weight. For her 14th birthday, I want to get her new clothes to reward her hard work and a few clothes for my weight loss, too. Rudy22

  7. Bingomania is my favorite place to play. I love the slots, like the bingo but not as much as I find it is hard to win for me. When I win I play the slots. Been playing since 2004 and I find that things changed a lot and payment are not as quick as it use to be and we also got the full amount that we would win. Can you tell me how the payment is applied now as I won the Monday before and it is now Thursday and still did not get my winnings. Waiting for that to play again.. How come we have to wait so long now. Tried calling but never get an answer. Anxious to play. Thank you

  8. I’m kind of late to this party but thought I’d chime in anyways. What would I do with my winnings is an easy question for me as I know exactly what I would be doing with them. Happily playing them right back into Bingomania. Playing at Bingomania has been a pleasure of mine since 1997 and believe it or not, it took almost 20 years for me to share a jackpot. That felt good and my first thought is “I’m set to play here for a while”. Perhaps that’s why my alias here suits me so well. Most of the fun I have is winning enough to continue on playing.

    My favorite patterns are the 2 and 3 part games and the Fair and Square games but actually enjoy all the patterns. The slots here are wonderful and my favorites are the arcade ones like Skippy’s Arcade.


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