The Best Online Bingo for Cash Prizes

One of the perks available to online, as opposed to offline, bingo players (and indeed mobile players too) is the humble online bingo promotion. In this particular field of online gaming, the term ‘promotion’ can cover many, many things, from welcome bonuses to chat tournaments, and BOGOF ticket deals to cash-back offers, as well as plenty more besides.

The Best Online Bingo For Cash Prizes

So, why is the promotion such a great thing and how should a player like yourself best take advantage of all the different types of promotions out there ?

Why do sites such as BingoMania offer promotions?

Some online bingo promotions exist to purely encourage new players to join a particular brand’s site rather than a competitor’s and while others are aimed to improve your chances at bingo. These tend to fall under the welcome offers category, and can only be claimed by new players who are registering at a particular site or who are making their first deposit. However, they’re not just for show, and if you shop around and do a bit of homework before deciding which of the many online bingo sites to join, you can end up with a very good deal indeed.

Other promotions are designed to retain existing players and, again, the type of promotion you can expect if you fall into this category, can vary wildly. For example, if you’ve been playing at a site for a very long time and regularly spend real cash on the games available, you may well be offered loyalty bonuses or even invited to become a VIP, giving you additional rewards that aren’t available to regular players. No self-respecting online bingo operator wants to see their members jumping ship just because there are never any new games or incentives to keep their attention, and with new bingo sites cropping up all the time, there’s more and more reason for your chosen site to work harder than ever before to keep your custom. Operators who fail to recognise the importance of player retention, risk losing a high percentage of their players, and without sufficient money being spent by their members, the prize pools are likely to fall, the rooms will end up with hardly any players in, and the site will be at risk of having to close down.

What types of promotions should I look out for?

While we can tell you some of the most common types of offers that are available, which ones best suit your needs is very much a matter of personal taste. So, it’s best to have a read through of the list below and decide which ones you want to look out for when joining a new site.

Welcome offers

From an operator’s point of view, welcome offers (as we mentioned earlier) are designed to get people to take the plunge and sign-up for a new account at a particular site. From a player’s perspective, these types of offers are a great way for newcomers to take a look around the site, play some of the games, and interact with the various roomies and chat hosts for free or with bonus credits. Some operators offer no-deposit bonuses where you can pick up free credit on registration without having to make a deposit (although you may be required to add your credit/debit card details). Nearly all sites offer first-deposit bonuses, which can range from approximately 100-300%, meaning that you’ll be able to turn your first $10 deposit into $20 or possibly more. While this will enable you to play more games initially, make sure you check the offer’s terms and conditions to check whether you’ll need to meet certain wagering requirements before you’re allowed to withdraw any winnings made as a result of your bonus.

It is worth bearing in mind that some sites regard a free no-deposit welcome bonus as nothing more than play money; in this case even though it may look like you have won a jackpot, you will not be able to withdraw any winnings at any stage no matter how much you later deposit or play through.

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Free and cheap games

Another type of incentive that’s welcomed by both new and existing players is the offer of free or cheap bingo. At the majority of sites, funded roomies can expect to be able to play a certain amount of free games which offer winners small cash prizes or BBz. If you shop around, you may also find a few sites offering free bingo to non-depositors too.

Plenty of operators offer penny and tuppenny games, which can go a long way towards making your money go further. However, as a general rule of thumb, games with cheaper tickets tend to offer smaller prizes, so if you’re only interested in playing for big winnings, you may need to stump up more money for higher-priced tickets.


This follows on nicely from what we’ve just told you about card prices. Many sites from time-to-time (and sometimes on a regular basis) offer discounted ticket prices and BOGOF deals. Plus, it’s not always a case of buy one, get one free – sometimes, you may be offered as many as six free tickets for every one you purchase. This kind of promotion is excellent for players who stick to a set budget when playing online bingo, as it will help make your funds go much further and give you additional chances to win with all those extra tickets.

Reload bonuses

Reload and re-deposit bonuses are often advertised under a site’s promotions section, and they reward you for making ongoing deposits to your account by giving you extra bonus funds. You’ll need to check your preferred site/sites to see whether this is offered as a regular promotion (i.e. applicable on all days of the week/month) or only on certain days.

Special Big Prize Games

Also listed under many sites’ promotions pages are one-off big prize games. These may offer you the opportunity to play for big cash prizes or even physical prizes such as holidays, tablets and smart-phones or concert tickets. You should also look out for BingoLinx-style games, where a group of sites belonging to a particular network, all club together to offer considerable cash prizes for winners; these can often be worth thousands of pounds and so well worth taking part in.


The variety of promotions available to online bingo players is massive, and as a new player, the world is your oyster. However, don’t just be lured into signing-up at the first site that offers you an impressive welcome or no-deposit bonus – you should think long-term too. Make sure you check that there are sufficient promotions to hold your interest as a long-term player and, if there are, join up and get taking advantage of as many deals and events as you like.

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