Do You Chat While Playing Bingo?

Do you have memories of playing bingo as a child? Do you remember being gathered together with friends to receive some cards? What fun that was, playing with your friends and hoping that you’d get Bingo before them. That’s one of the many reasons people play bingo today.

do you chat?

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Now imagine playing bingo all by yourself with a computer running the calling. It doesn’t sound much fun, does it? And yet, bingo sites like ours have been flourishing for years and years. Why? Because we put the social element back into the game through our chat room function. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if our chat rooms are an even bigger draw than the bingo!

Our players get to know each other through the chat rooms while the game plays. We’ve had people strike up life-long friendships with people all over the world, and even a few romances as well! The demographics of our players show a wide range of ages and locations. A lot of women like to chat in our rooms. It’s a great place to meet people in a safe location.

A previous story we shared tells about the power that online chatting and bingo can provide. Two women in the UK had struck up a friendship on a bingo chat room, talking for years and years. It was eventually discovered they were long-lost sisters! They’ve since met and are trying hard to reunite the rest of their separated sibling family.

If you’re worried about online harassment in our chat rooms, fear not. We have a dedicated moderator team to keep rude people out and to educate others in chat room etiquette. The etiquette is pretty similar to the same etiquette you’d use in an email list. Don’t swear or use excessive capital letters. And don’t spam the boards! Basically, it’s the opposite of what you see on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a form of the net that goes back to the simpler and more genteel times of the 1990’s net (we have been around since 1996 after all!)

People tend to be very polite in the chat rooms by offering praise to the person who won and sympathy to those who lost. People come here for fun, not to put other people down. This is a sentiment not found in many gaming channels anymore, much to our chagrin.

If you have any questions about Mania’s bingo games or about the chat rooms, the first place to start is to talk to the chat room moderator. The moderator is responsible for the smooth function of the game and of the chat room. They can educate you in how the game is played and the functions of the game board and of the chat room. They facilitate conversation and throw out people who break the rules. Many of our moderators started as regular players and gained moderator privileges due to how well they helped the chat rooms function. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Bingo chat room boards may have started as an extra-value feature, but they’re now a core component of all online bingo sites. The ability to converse with other players while the game is in progress is a huge advantage over dead-silent bingo halls. So if you want to make a bunch of new friends while bonding over a fun game that could net you a little bit of spending cash, sign up for a BingoMania account and get in on the action today! You’ll be glad you did and our players are ready to meet you. Who knows? You might even spark up a romance with someone.

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do you chat?

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22 thoughts on “Do You Chat While Playing Bingo?

  1. I am a chatter on and off. I’m typically multi-tasking so I don’t always have time to pay attention. Love BingoMania though, long time player. Love all the GM’s as well.

  2. I have been playing for years and I always go into chat! I love doing bb games for my nabors and routing everyone on!

  3. Chatting at Bingomania has always been one of the best features I think in making it more than a bingo site but a bingo community. Although in recent times, I’ve not been able to fully participate and chat too often, I’m hoping that will change soon.


  4. I enjoy the chat room games the most. The conversations are very interesting and vary in topic. One night the chat was about the weather in various regions. Another night they were talking about foods, sports and romance. The last chat was about a member’s mother that had cancer. Buddies encouraged the member to get tested since it is in her family. That was very special to me that everyone gave her lots of support and encouragement and shared their experiences with her.


  5. I try to make sure I join chat in the room I’m playing in so we all benefit from the chat games like nabors:) Thanks Bingomania!!!! Dulcy123

  6. I dont always go into chat but sometimes, I do as I am a multitasker and seems I am always doing other things while trying to just relax and play bingo. I can also remember going to the old smokey rooms and playing bingo with family and friends. The best part was always the snacks we got there, the nachos and soda was my favorite. Also can remember the church socials with my mom where they played bingo and used buttons to cover the cds and me and a friend of mine was always trying to figure out how to make things with all the buttons as they have a really large button box full of all kinds , shapes and colors of buttons. Fun times to rememeber, kinda tells my age to. LOL Kelly321Star

  7. chat sometime depending on what that are talking about. But I do greet all players when I enter the chat room most of the time only a few respond but that’s the way I was raised. I greet those that come in after me as I’m never rude to the roomies. I cheer them on with the gl, gg, wtg glng that’s just me. aka JazzieK

  8. I rarely play without being in chat. I think that is one of the best parts of Bingomania. I dont always say so much, but I have met a lot of nice people in chat. And chatgames are nice ofcourse. And last but not least the great GMs ? StuckInSkipsShed

  9. I always chat when playing Bingo at Bingomania. Besides being able to win free money to play Bingo, it feels like I am part of something big. Bingomania is my online family. We get to share both happy and sad news in our lives and hear how others are doing in their lives. Everyone is treated like family. When bingomania was having problems earlier this year with letting people open the chat window while playing, I didn’t play as much as I normally do. It just did not feel right.

  10. I always join chat for the chat games, however i don’t tend to have conversations very often as i am usually doing something else on the pc at the same time plus flicking through the rooms. I probably would not play if there was no chat rooms.


  11. Beverly Hofmann Yes I like to chat while playing bingo as this is the only company I have as I live alone and have some disabilities and not easy for me to go out. snickers74
    I put this on the like and share page didn’t see this one. Sorry

  12. I would love to chat but don’t know many of the players anymore and I’m afraid they will think I am just being pushey. Maybe I should try to get to know them better

    1. Hi Judith,
      Thanks for your feedback. It will take time to get to know players, but slowly your can start to converse in our various chat rooms.Majority of our players tend to be very polite in the chat rooms by offering praise to the person who won and sympathy to those who lost. People come here for fun, not to put other people down. I am pleased to let you know I’ve credited y our account $10 bonus. Wishing you best of luck:)

  13. I like to chat when a really good conversation is happening. You eventually start becoming more familiar with other players and there personality. Everyone is so helpful when you are confused about something…like a chat game for example.

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