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Play free bingo games with real cash prizes only from Bingo Mania

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All New $10,000 Free Bingo Giveaway Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays in March only at BingoMania. Bingo Mania loves spoiling you with fun filled specials like our real cash free bingo games.

Free Bingo

To give you more "wow" - we are extending the special Thursday & Sunday free bingo sessions to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays in March for you ... in total, there will be over $10,000 in cash prizes up for grabs!

  • When: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 8pm to 9pm ET

  • Duration: 1hr of Free Bingo Games

  • Room: the $10,000 Free Bingo Giveaway Room

  • Prizes: From $5 to $100

  • Non Funding Players: $5/$10 free cash

  • Funded in past month: $25 free cash

  • Funded on the day of the free event BUT before the free bingo games play: $100 free

How to Play

Everyone is welcome and it will be real cash free bingo games. So don't be shy, this will be a great venue to interact and mingle with other Bingo Maniacs.

  1. Be sure to login to the 10k Free Bingo Room on Tuesdays, Thursdays. and Sundays

  2. The room will be open and 1hr of games will take place starting at 8pm ET sharp that's 5pm PT

The Game Prize

There will be about 8 games during the 1hr event. The amount you win will depend on the type of player you are:

  • $5/$10 if you have NEVER made a deposit

  • $25 if you made a deposit in the last month.

  • $100 if you have made a deposit that day

Free Bingo for you

The winner of each game will be credited $5/$10 for the game. After all games have played, we will adjust your balance accordingly based on the above player criteria.

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Possible Common Questions

Q: Can I pre-buy for these free bingo games?
A: You cannot pre-buy for the free bingo games. Sorry :(

Q: Are these real cash prizes?
A: Yes.You'll win real cash prizes.

Q: Can I cash out my winnings?
A: Same payout rules apply. So if you meet the payout requirements, you may.

Q: Why is BingoMania doing this?
A: Because we're Maniacs and love treating you with superb specials :)

Do you have any additional Questions?

We're here to help. You may reach us:

  • by email at or

  • using the Live IM on the bottom right hand side of this page

  • or via the help desk

Have fun and good luck!

About Free Bingo Games

There are tons of sites today that offer free games from Facebook to Pogo Bingo - though these games do not cost money to play, you do not get to win cash prizes either. We plan to offer you a different experience at Mania, where you can play free games with real cash prizes but at no cost to you.

As long as you have a account, you can login on the above special days and enjoy these complimentary games on us with a chance to walk away some fun cash prizes.

Though you won't find life changing prizes for free yet, you still have a great opportunity to win reasonable pots at no cost.

The way these games play are simple - every player who logs in, will receive 12 cards in the 75 ball Party room.

These games will consist of fun and popular patterns that already play in your favorite rooms.

You just have to login, auto-daub or manual daub while your numbers are called.

If you Bingo, the game will credit your account instantly and you can express your excitement in the Party room chat box with other players.

Enjoy and happy playing!