Special Tourneys With Huge Cash Prizes

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As the #1 online bingo site of 2010 voted by the most important critiques around, you the bingo players, Bingo Mania always strive to bring you new and innovative ways to win playing online bingo.

We believe bingo is better with friends and that you should be given more chances to win when playing bingo online.

That's why we've introduced the first of their kind, unique Fair n' Square Bingo Tournaments, where all players receive the same number of cards per game for an equal shot at huge bingo prizes.

Weekly Friday Fair n' Square Bingo Tournament

Friday bingo tourney

Enjoy big guaranteed bingo prizes every Fridays with the weekly $4000 Fair n' Square Bingo Tournament.

This is your chance to participate in a fair n' square style bingo tourney where you get equal number of cards for each game and a chance at huge cash prizes. Plus you can buddy up for your chance to qualify for consolation prizes when your buddy wins bingo and you don't.

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