$100,000! The Biggest Bingo Game Ever

BingoMania is giving you another chance to play and to win $100,000. The biggest bingo game with minimum $10,000 guaranteed!

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Happy Holidays! Get ready for the biggest Christmas Present in all of bingo land this Holiday season as you have a chance to win the amazing $100,000 Bingo Game with a Minimum $10,000 Guaranteed Prize in 75 calls.

About the $100,000 Bingo Game

Past Winners

This will mark the 4th $100k game at BingoMania. Here are the recent winners:

  1. redxmascash won $10,000 on Oct 31

  2. Rooni906 won $10,000 in June

  3. sheilahbingo won $10,000 in December

  4. Will you win the $100,000 min. $10,000 game on Christmas?

We want to make this another memorably Holiday Season for you, be sure to circle your calendar for this amazing special.

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Our Previous $100k Bingo Game

Result: The $100,000 Bingo game turned out to be a massive hit with an exciting outcome. At the end, player "ronni906" from PA, USA won the minimum prize of $10,000 cash in 56 calls. Exciting!

All of us at BingoMania are very happy for ronni906 and hope she enjoys her $10,000 cash winnings. Here's what she had to say:

"I have been playing at Bingomania for years and have never won a large amount. This really is going to help pay many bills off! When I returned home from work and saw that winning amount, I can't express my excitement! This really turned my day around. I will always be a bingomania fan and I always recommend this site to all of my family and friends. I never thought I would ever win this amount of money ever. I can't thank you enough for having this special game!! Bingomania is the best bingo site ever! Thank you!"

Alias: Ronni906

Thanks to everyone who took part in the historic $100,000 Bingo game. We promise to have more life changing games like this in the near future. Be sure to keep an eye on the new bingo promotions page for future life changing games.

Bingo Mania has been the home of the largest bingo jackpots since we launched back in 1996. To celebrate our 17th birthday, we'll be hosting the single biggest bingo game ever in history - $100,000!

We'd like to crown & celebrate another Bingo Maniac in the 100k club to join player Dekat38 who won $138,000 at Bingo Mania playing Bring Home The Bacon Progressive Jackpot.

Meet Dekath30 Bingo Mania's $135,626.12 Progressive Jackpot Winner

Let us know below. Good luck!