Withdrawal Guidelines / Terms & Conditions

  1. Payouts are reviewed and/or processed on Mondays.
  2. Players must enter their payout request before Sunday, 11:59pm EST in order to have it reviewed / processed for Monday.
  3. Please note, BingoMania will only process 1 withdrawal per account. In an event where a player requests multiple payout requests in the same week, only the first request will be reviewed and processed, while other subsequent requests will be declined and credited back to player’s account.
  4. The minimum amount for a withdrawal request is $100.00 USD and the maximum amount a player can receive each week is $2,500.00 USD. If a player wins more than this, they will receive $2,500.00 USD each week until the winnings are paid off in full.
  5. Player’s who have not made a deposit in the last 30 days or later, will not be able to request a withdrawal.
  6. Once a payout request is made, the member will have their bonus balance removed.
  7. Any win or payout that amounts to $2,500 or more must be accompanied by a picture and/or quote (100 words) from the player.
  8. Players are required to verify their account in order to have their payout processed. To verify an account players may send a copy of a valid photo id and if used, a front copy of the credit/debit card (blocking out the first 12 digits) to verify@bingomania.com or fax to 1268-481-4405.
  9. No winnings won by a returned deposit will be processed and the funds will be forfeited from the player’s account.
  10. All players must wager at least 95% of their deposit to request a withdrawal. If a request for withdrawal is made prior to playing 95% of the deposit any winnings as a result may be void, the account may be closed and initial deposit refunded.

Please Note:

  1. BingoMania reserves the right to deny a payout request if a player has not funded their account within and prior to 30 days of any win or the payout process day.
  2. BingoMania reserves the right to deny any payout derived from promotional bonuses, free spins, free jackpot injections, mission challenges, free cash chips, birthday bonuses, loyalty bonuses and any form of free giveaway intended to improve player entertainment. Furthermore, a minimum deposit must be made within ten (10) days prior to claiming any winnings from the aforementioned giveaways. This rule supersedes the general 30 day deposit rule.
  3. BingoMania reserves the right to ask for verification documents prior to processing any withdrawal.
  4. BingoMania reserves the right to deny any payout requested through a different method from the method used for depositing.
  5. New members who have not made a deposit prior to winnings are not eligible for a withdrawal. Winnings from the $30 cash trial or any 3rd party exclusive free deposit offers cannot be withdrawn as they are for demonstration purposes only. However, you may request to have your winnings exchanged to a bonus after you make an initial deposit up to a maximum of $500
  6. You can only make one payout request per week
    1 – If multiple payouts are requested in a given week, only the first payout request will be processed. All subsequent pending payouts will be declined and credited back to players account.2 – When a player cancels their payout and requests another payout, the new pending payout will only be processed on the following Monday’s scheduled payout date. To illustrate the above rules, here are two different scenarios: Scenario 1
    A player, requests a payout for $250 on Thursday, then another payout for $100 on Friday. Since only one payout request can be made per week, the Friday payout will be cancelled and deposited back into the players account and the original payout for $250 will be processed on Monday.Scenario 2
    If a player requests a payout in the amount of $500 on Thursday and reverses the entire amount on Friday, any subsequent requests thereafter will be declined as they will be viewed as duplicates. The player will need to request the payout again and wait until the following Monday for it to be processed.
  7. Currently, US and Canadian players are paid via cheque. Outside of the US and Canada players can be paid via Neteller or Moneybookers. The processing fee for payouts is $30.00.
  8. No winnings won by a returned deposit will be processed and the funds will be forfeited from the player’s account.
  9. There is a wagering requirement:

    Any account created on August 18th, 2021, or later will have to fulfill the wager requirement rules below.

    There is a wager requirement (WR) multiplier of 10 on your playing balance after you deposit. Your playing balance is your deposit + deposit bonus.

    For example: if you deposit $25 + $75 deposit bonus (based on a 300% bonus) your playing balance would be $100. Multiply that by 10 and your wager requirement would be $1,000.

    If you win a big game you can withdraw your winning immediately by "buying out" your wager requirement balance. For example, if you win $5,000 and you have a pending wager requirement of $1,000, then you can withdraw $4,000 immediately.

    If you have a pending wager requirement balance and ran out of your playing balance, the wagering requirement will be reset on your next deposit:

    Every $1 played in bingo will decrease your WR by $0.50
    Every $1 played in slots will decrease your WR by $0.10
    Every $1 played in all other games will decrease your WR by $0.05*

    *Roulette wagers will not contribute towards decreasing your wager requirement

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