Bingo Mania wants to assure all of its players (and prospective players) that it has made every effort possible to provide you with the world’s most entertaining, reliable, and more importantly yet, honest Bingo game on the Internet. It is our sincere intent to ensure that all of our players are satisfied with the quality and fairness of our games. Every effort has been made by Bingo Mania to promptly and impartially resolve all disputes that may arise from the use of our game.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal in providing you our Bingo game. As the operators of Bingo Mania, we are determined to provide you our highest level of customer service possible. Our resolve is to consistently provide you with a fair and impartial dispute mechanism in the event that a dispute occurs. The success of our business is dependent on providing you with exceptional customer satisfaction policies. Obviously, happy customers will ensure that we win new customers and that our existing players will continue to come back to enjoy Bingo Mania time and time again.

However, please be advised that in the event of any dispute regarding a participation or a Prize, the decision made by Bingo Mania will be final and binding.

The relationship between the Parties as well as this Agreement are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Government of Antigua.


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