Chat Room Conduct

General Rules and Guidelines:

  1. NO complaining. All complaints must be directed to the Help Desk so as not to disturb the flow of chat or cause a confrontation. If you have submitted a help ticket and have not yet received a response, please allow staff adequate time to respond to your ticket.
  2. NO children (persons younger than 18 years old) are allowed in chat rooms, this site is for responsible adults only. In the event that a minor gains access to an account held by an adult, the owner of the account will be held responsible for the minor’s actions.
  3. Maintain a friendly chat room by respecting others and by assisting and welcoming new chatters.
  4. Soliciting other players for money is strictly prohibited.
    • No discussion or announcement of your account balance as this may cause other players to feel guilty for not funding your account
    • No soliciting of players for “gifts” or “loans” of money
    • No soliciting of players for donations for another player
    • No soliciting of winning players for funds
    • This policy, as outlined above, is for the protection of all players and to maintain a comfortable environment in our chat rooms
  5. Player Aliases must be in good taste and may not have the preface of GM. BingoMania reserves the right to request that a player change their alias at the sole discretion of management. Should the player refuse to change their alias within a 48 hour time period, they will be permanently blocked from the chat rooms.
    • Alias changes are limited to one every thirty days except in the event of a special promotion that requires players to change their alias
  6. Since we have males in our membership, please ladies, discuss female problems when only females are in chat.
  7. Players should not harass, slander, libel, insult, abuse or threaten others.
  8. All discussion of other Bingo sites, advertising of other sites and/ or recruitment of players to other sites is prohibited.
  9. Holding duplicate accounts and/or playing on another player’s account are prohibited. Only one account per person is permitted or two accounts per household.
  10. Players are not permitted to slander or libel Bingo Mania Management, employees or affiliates.

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