The Best Free Bingo Sites

Playing online games is fun and now that you can play free bingo practically on virtually any device, we thought we take one step back and highlight a few of today’s leading free bingo sites.

The Best Free Bingo Sites

The following sites might have an app or not. That’s not the focus. Simply, we want to highlight the communities that have shaped and continue to provide casual games on the web.

Some of the sites are 100% only bingo, while others offer a mix of free bingo games.

All of the listed sites are 100% free (meaning it costs you nothing to play with a few pro versions to play ad-free).

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Here we go …

Bingo Luau from Pogo

As long as we can remember, Pogo has been a top tier destination for free games online. They’ve been able to support free play through ads and now they have introduced “Club Pogo”, a premium account where you play all the games you love but without annoying ads.

Bingo Luau

Seriously that’s the biggest downfall of free sites. But at the end of the day, they’re a business with real expenses to keep their games performing at their best.

Bingo Luau is a Hawaiian themed game with a relaxing tropical feel to it. It’s a traditional bingo where you have to daub your numbers to match the bingo patterns.

As you know, like any bingo game, the main object is to “bingo” before your fellow players.

What we like about this game:

  • 10,000 tokens on sign up
  • Gifting badges to share with your friends
  • Option to upgrade to add-free version
  • Series of challenges and albums to unlock
  • The relaxing sound of crashing waves while you play

At anyone time, you can find 500+ players playing this game spread across a slew of different chat rooms. If you’re after a relaxing game, we think you’ll enjoy this popular and classic game.

Our score: 7 out of 10

Slingo Bingo

The popularity of Slingo is no surprise but many players forget that the folks behind the popular game also offer 3 variety of free bingo online games over on

Slingo Bingo

So many things to love about the games on this site. Here’a few of the key perks we really love:

  • You can win real cash prizes on certain free games throughout the day
  • Fantastic bonuses in the form of XP points & collections
  • Each room with its own series of badges & collection
  • Best card feature
  • Manual or auto-daub feature
  • Automatic card sorting to show your best cards and highlights how many calls your away for each card for ‘Bingo!’

You can also:

  • Participate in chat
  • and play mini slots right inside the bingo room

Unique Perk: The Real Cash & Prize Rooms

You can play for real cash prizes in the following two rooms:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Grand Gold Rush

The Bingo around the World rooms is great. As you move up the levels, you’ll have the chance to unlock rooms based around the great cities of the World.

Bingo Around the World

All in all, there are well over 50 different rooms. So variety is never in question. Our only reservation about Slingo’s bingo games is that all the rooms have the same look and feel. Though the rooms have fun names, it doesn’t spread into the actual game design.

If they can slowly upgrade their room skins, we believe it will add tons more to your excitement. Right now, it just feels like you’re in the same room.

Our score: 7 out of 10

Three Eyed Bingo

Gamesville’s Three-Eyed Bingo is a fun online free game. It’s super simple. You simply play bingo and earn points for your activity as you daub.

You won’t find any flashy or complicated point system unlike the other sites listed here. You just play 100% pure bingo. Our favorite game has to be the Three-Eyed bingo.

Three Eyed Bingo

As they say, you really wish you had three eyes to keep track of the fast moving bingo game.

Here’s how to play:

  1. You get 3 cards per game
  2. You’ll need to manually daub your numbers (which you earn points)
  3. The goal is to be the 1st player to match all 3 patterns using your 3 cards

For more, check out how to play three eyed bingo instructions.

Our score: 6 out of 10

Hey Bingo has been around since 2001 and has always been a free site with one focus: free bingo games.

Hey Bingo

You’ll find 3 different variation of bingo:

  • 75 Ball
  • Spin-a-Bingo
  • and the British 90 Ball style

The object of HeyBingo games are simply to play, collect points  and occasionally be able to exchange them for prizes.

Over the years their popularity has dwindled down a bit but you will still be able to find an exciting game throughout the week, specially during the evening hours when the traffic to their site is at its highest.

Our score: 5 out of 10

There you have it – a complete roundup of today’s best free online bingo sites. Now it’s your turn, which are your favorite free sites to play on?

Are there any other portal that we should highlight on this list? Help us make this the #1 listing for free online bingo games.

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