How to play bingo on your iPad

As many of you know, BingoMania’s games are flash-based. But that doesn’t fare well when you want to play a few bingo games on the go or from on your beautiful retina displayed iPad device.

Puffin App

Historically, there were a few reasons why Apple chose to no longer support Flash on its devices.  Flash, which is owned by Adobe, is a proprietary product, has challenges in security, and it tends to use up a lot of battery power.  Even with the developments in standards such as CSS, Java, and HTML5,

There are several browsers available on the Apple Store on iTunes, including Puffin, Photon, Firefox, and Opera Mini. Opera, though not very well-known in the browser world, has long offered its Flash compatible browsers for iOS users for free.
All of these browsers are also designed to help iPhone and iPad users to access flash-based videos and games. Some of the browsers, though not free, are available from the Apple store for a nominal fee of $4.99 – 7.99 each.
Here is the rundown on each to help you decide which browser is best suited for your iOS device so you can play bingo for iPhone and bingo for iPad on the BingoMania site.

Puffin – Created by Cloud Mosa, Inc. Puffin has several browsers for iOS users. The amazing fast Puffin browser has made it super easy for you to load flash, and it’s a surprisingly pleasant experience. Depending on your internet speed, flash games will load and play as they would on a desktop or other type of device. It is important to note that Puffin’s free version does not support Flash; however, Puffin Pro is available from the Apple app store for $7.99 and fully supports Flash pages and games.

  • iSwifter Games Browser - This browser will successfully unlock all of your favorite Flash-based games and is free to download from iTunes and try for seven days. If you like it, you can purchase the paid version for just $7.99 on your iPhone, iPad, or on your desktop browser.
  • Google Chrome – Google’s browser is also available for free for iPhone and iPad devices.  Flash can be manually enabled within the browser so you can play your online games for free
  • Opera Mini – This free browser is a powerhouse and offers some of the most secure and fast browsing experiences available on any device.  Data is compressed by 90%, allowing for faster page loads.  To enable flash, simply go under the tab for Privacy and Security and select the toggle that allows sites to load in Flash. Opera also has a full Mac version for those who wish to access Flash game sites on their desktop computer.
  • Photon Flash Player – This browser is relatively new on the scene and is designed so you can play bingo for iPhone. If you want to play bingo for iPad, they’ve got you covered there, too! Photon is just $4.99 and is available on the Apple Store or can be purchased through iTunes.  If, while you are using the Photon browser, you find that your device is loading or responding slowly, this can be adjusted in the settings tab in the top right corner of the browser.
When it comes down to the browser we prefer, we have to admit that we are so partial Puffin here at BingoMania that we offer all of our members who download the paid version a $5 credit into their BingoMania account.
Here’s how:
  1. Visit iTunes app store and download the paid version of Puffin Browser
  2. Then contact our support team, and we will credit your account with $5 as a token of our appreciation
Moving forward, whenever you’re in the mood to play onine bingo on your iPad or iPhone, simply open the Puffin Browser and type in the URL box and login as you would normally.
Your games will load, and you will have access to the full version of the BingoMania site.

Maximum Balance Limit:

Players can only make deposits into their accounts when their balances are lower than $100