Making Money from Online Gaming

For many, the idea of being able to make money while doing something they thoroughly enjoy would be a dream come true. Those who love playing games have never lived in a better time to make money doing something they love online. Here are just a few ways this can happen.

  • Working in the Gaming Industry

With the undeniable popularity of electronic video games and apps, many community colleges and universities offer students courses in how to program and create games. These courses are not just about programming or game development. There are courses that instruct students on how to do everything from writing story lines, developing animations, composing soundtracks, doing voiceovers and other features that are found within games. Many of these skills find crossover markets in film, television and other electronic arts.

  • Reviews, Blogs, and Walkthroughs

There are scores of websites and YouTube channels that are geared towards gamers and gaming. It may come as a surprise that many gamers have figured out how to make money by playing games online. Some gamers have set up their own play videos and walkthroughs as a way to help fellow gamers. Popular gamers have found that they can adequately support themselves through the ads that run before or periodically during their YouTube videos. Their income is directly related to the number of views generated on their pages and subscribers to their channels.

For anyone who wants to break into this possibly lucrative area of the gaming world, the most important assets to have are a compelling on-camera presence and regular updates. Too many would-be gaming gurus will lose subscribers just because they don’t post uploads on a regular basis. If you say you are going to have updates every Wednesday, then keep that commitment. Of course, building the kind of following that will allow you to quit your day job will take a while to build up. Along with regular updates, be sure to watch other video gamers and observe how they approach their channel and content and learn by their example. Who knows? You may just end up being the next video gaming expert that goes viral.

  • Online Gambling & Playing Bingo Online

Today there is no reason for you to move to a gambling hub such as Atlantic City or Las Vegas to make money gambling. With the Internet, you can make a little money on the side if you go about it the right way. You have the freedom to play all sorts of casino games including bingo online from the comfort of your own home so you don’t have to think about moving to Sin City. Here are some tips in helping you to make some money playing bingo and other games online.

  • Join an online bingo site such as BingoMania and take advantage of the promotions. These can include deposit bonuses or specials. This pretty much adds up to free money for you just for playing. Right now BingoMania is offering $100 just for joining! As you play you can also win experience points, as well as unlocking other credits that reward you for playing bingo on the site.
  • Certain games or nights to play offer incentives such as special prizes in terms of higher jackpots. Some offer higher cash prizes in an effort to get more players to participate. Check the special promotion days and hours to find out when the best chances for you to win are.
  • Have a set amount of money that you will play with on any given time. Only gamble with what you can afford to lose. If you find yourself ahead, take a break and bank your winnings. If you want to win lots of cash in terms of jackpots, you might want to try your luck in some of the rooms that feature higher card buy-in costs such as $1. True, you are risking more, but the payoff is greater. Again, only risk what you can afford to lose at any given sitting.
  • Keep a positive frame of mind! One of the most important things to remember and something that doesn’t cost a dime is keeping a positive mental attitude. Imagine yourself winning, remember to always strive to be gracious whether you win or lose. Do these things and you’re sure to find yourself in the winner’s circle one day!

List of Things that Make Bingo Great

Bingo is one of the world’s best known and most popular games. Most people not only love playing bingo games either at a bingo hall, casino or online, but they find that the social aspect to the game really is what keeps them coming back for more.

  • Making Friends Through Bingo

t’s great to go out and take a chance on winning cash prizes, but it can also be a whole lot of fun meeting new people and sharing common interests over the game. Long term friendships develop all the time both on and offline all while playing bingo.

For those who prefer to play in an actual bingo hall, meeting face to face lets people touch base, catch up, and be social.

Thanks to modern technology, playing bingo and meeting friends isn’t just for dingy VFW lodges and churches. Players are going online to get their fix of bingo and socialization. BingoMania has amazing chatrooms where users can talk about the weather, great bingo strategies, and more. For those who want to chat more privately, that is also an option.  
Online bingo doesn’t care what you’re wearing, either.  Bunny slippers, bedhead, and your favorite ‘holey’ t-shirt won’t be frowned on or gossiped about.

  • Good Food to Go With Good Fun 

Come for the bingo, stay for the food! Bingo concession stands fire up the burgers, pizza, and popcorn for their players. And why not? Friends have bonded over food since the caveman days.

It’s also easy to recreate the bingo food in the comfort of your own home.  A little cheese over tortilla chips with sour cream can make delicious nachos. Burgers and buns are easy to get. And, you don’t have to pay the concession stand markup. 

  • Win Cash Prizes

You can win some great cash prizes with a very low cash buy-in. Bingo halls, casinos, and online sites offer cash prizes that when added up can make real winnings. Online bingo halls even offer bonuses.

Just imagine what you could do if you were to win a substantial pot of cash through playing bingo! You could take that vacation you’ve been promising yourself, redecorate your home, or take a well-deserved trip to the spa. The only limit to what you do with the cash you win is your imagination. 

  • Bingo is Educational

Those who know about bingo probably know that the game began being played as a way to teach children all sorts of things as early as the 18th Century. Even today, educational bingo is being used by parents, grandparents and educators as a way to teach children everything from spelling and reading to natural science, mathematics and money management. Almost any subject in the curriculum can be taught through bingo games. Researchers have found that kids tend to retain facts better and are much more eager to learn when they’re having fun. 

  • Bingo: One of the World’s Best Fundraising Events

When people are having fun, they are far more likely to donate without hesitation. Churches, schools and other civic groups have long understood that bingo and its popularity is a great way to raise funds for just about any cause. Celebrities have also gotten in on the act. Mick Jagger for example, hosts high-stakes bingo games in his own home. Other celebrities both host and call bingo games to raise money for their favorite charities.

Prizes for games can be for a cash pot or for gift certificates that are donated from area businesses. Some fundraising bingo games have even had some really unusual prizes attached to them. One lucky winner in New York won her very own milk cow! The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can use as a bingo prize.

Maximum Balance Limit:

Players can only make deposits into their accounts when their balances are lower than $100