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The New Rewards Program – Update

Meet the new Progressive Funding Bonus

Huge daily free bonuses, no wager rule on your deposit bonuses, birthday giveaways, surprise extra bonus days, cash-backs and more–these are just some of the perks you’ve been enjoying as a BingoMania player and might have thought this was the Mania rewards program. But in fact, these are some of the perks of being a member of the Mania community.

While we’ve been pampering you with great perks all along, we’ve been hard at work on a new generation rewards program, designed to give you more on top of the daily perks you’re currently enjoying.

We think you’re going to love it and can’t wait for you to experience it first hand in a few days.

In the meantime, we want to give you an an opportunity to become familiar with the some of the key features coming you way.

Funding Bonus Meet the Progressive Funding Bonus Reward

At the heart of the new rewards Program is a new featured called the Progressive Funding Bonus Reward.

As you play the games you love at BingoMania (Bingo, Slots, Video Poker, Mini Games, etc), you will notice various rewards badges available for you to be unlocked. These reward badges range from deposit bonuses to instant cash backs.

With at least 16 rewards to be unlocked within each tier, you’ll continue to reap all the fun.

Here’s how the Progressive Funding Bonus Reward Works

At BingoMania, you currently receive the following funding bonuses:

  • Wednesdays & Saturdays: up to 300% free
  • Every other day: up to 200% free

Progressive RewardsWith the new rewards program, you’ll continue to receive the above bonuses but have a chance to unlock bigger funding bonuses with the progressive bonus badges (shown right) – as you unlock a funding bonus, your bonus levels will continue to increase.

For Example as a Blue Star Level:

When you unlock the +10% bonus badge, your deposit bonus will be up to 310% free on Weds & Sats, and up to 210% on other days.

When you unlock another +10% bonus, you now will receive up to 320% free on Weds & Sats, and up to 220% on other days.

Within the Blue Star Level for example (shown below) – you can unlock up to +100% in extra free bonuses giving you up to 400% on Weds & Sats, and up to 300% on regular bonus days.

blue star rewards

There are 5 Star Levels and as you move up the star levels, you will earn bigger bonuses and rewards. For example, as a Gold Star level, you’ll have a chance to unlock the following badges:

gold-starLet us know if you have any questions about the Progressive Deposit Bonus Feature in the comment box below.

And remember, the new rewards program will be rolled out in a few short days. We’re almost there. Thanks for all your patience and support.