Why Bingo Online is Easier than Bingo Halls

While our favorite pastime of bingo originally started as a bingo hall game, it’s now taken the world by storm in its modern, online format. Many American bingo playersstill enjoy going to their local church hall to play in person and to experience the exciting atmosphere as the caller shouts out the numbers; likewise, many UK players still flock to large bingo halls for the thrill and the hope of a Full House on their big night out too. So, are there any benefits to choosing to play online rather than at a bingo hall venue, and is it (as many people would say) easier to log in to your PC or pick up your mobile phone to enjoy some fun games at the end of the day?

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Calm or crowds?

Some hobbies are meant to be enjoyed as individuals, some as part of a team, and some as spectators, observing key players performing specific roles. The types of hobbies that you enjoy really depend on your personal taste, your emotions or feeling at any given time and the available time that you have to spend.

In bingo there are often two camps, the traditionalists who still prefer to head to a bingo hall to do their dabbing and those that love the convenience and modernity of the online game. There is a lot to be said for each version, for example, if you visit a hall then you get to gossip with your fellow players, do some people-watching and experience all the sights and sounds that go with playing alongside other people. However, this can have its downsides; for instance, if the person sitting next to you keeps muttering or there’s a squeaky chair at the table right behind you, it can be downright irritating.

So, if you want a more peaceful and calmer environment in which to play, dabbing at home may well suit you better. You can log-in whenever you like; you don’t have to worry about raised eyebrows if you’re playing in your pyjamas while simultaneously drinking a large glass of wine or eating your favourite pizza; you can have the TV or radio on whilst you play without worrying about disturbing other players, and you don’t even need to move a muscle if you want to buy more game cards. Those of you with families may say that your home is far from calm, in which case it might suit you better to play before or after the kids have gone to bed, or even start playing on your mobile phone so that you can enjoy a bit of bingo on the bus to work.

Feeling lonely?

There’s no need for online bingo to be a lonely experience when the chat rooms are constantly buzzing with banter with bingo chat games. However, there’s absolutely no pressure to ‘talk’ unless you want to, or someone specifically asks you a question, in which case it would be a bit rude to ignore them. Many players who prefer to play online say that the social side of online bingo is a massive factor in their enjoyment of the games they play. While you might not be able to physically see your fellow roomies, you can chat in much the same way as you would in person at a land-based club. Many sites allow you to choose to either join in the general chat going on in the chat room window or send direct messages to your favorite bingo buddies if you want to exchange some private gossip.

The online version is often played by people who have limited time, those that struggle to carry out day-to-day activities due to illness or disability and carers; in particular the social side enjoyed in the chat rooms, is a huge benefit to the housebound and infirm.


If you head to a bingo hall club, you won’t find half as much flexibility as you would when you play online. Playing on your PC means you can take that all-important toilet break whenever you need to, get up mid-game and make a drink, etc. provided that your cards are set to auto-daub (which is a fairly standard option at the majority of websites). There’s also the option to play several games at once by pre-purchasing cards, giving you more opportunities to win prizes when you might otherwise be unable to. Plus, land-based clubs  don’t offer chat games, tournaments and trivia quizzes where you can win bonuses. The same goes for side games which are a great way to pass time between bingo games. You’ll be able to take a spin on some slot games and possibly play a casino game while the clock counts down towards the start of the next game, and if you’ve turned the auto-daub feature on, you can carry on playing side games while the balls are being called.

Bigger prizes

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Generally, you’ll potentially be able to play for bigger prize pools when you play via your PC, particularly when you buy cards for linked games (which combine the profits from all the cards sold across several networked sites). Many websites also offer progressive jackpot games and progressive pots that can be won in certain rooms when a Full House is called in a certain number of balls.

Save money on transport and contribute to the environment

Unless your land-based club of choice is within walking distance, chances are that you’ll need to either get a bus, drive, catch a train, or order a taxi to get to and from your destination. Playing online means you’ll have zero transport costs, which means you could either save or put the money you would’ve spent into something else. Plus, some would say you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and so doing your bit for the environment by not driving; although you may end up using more electricity by staying at home, so we wouldn’t say one should necessarily take precedence over the other.

24/7 games

Whether you work night shifts, you’re a night-owl or you’re an early riser, one of the advantages of playing online bingo is that there are games taking place around the clock. While some land-based casinos may open 24/7, bingo halls don’t tend to, which can be frustrating for those who want to play at seemingly unsociable times. You’ll also find that playing later at night or earlier in the morning means there are less roomies jostling for prizes, which can help boost your chances of scooping a Full House.

Cheap games

Many online bingo sites regularly run BOGOF deals, and plenty also offer free and cheap games. Again, this is far more prevalent in the online than the land-based world.


At the end of the day, choosing whether to play online or at a local club is a matter of personal choice. However, if you’ve been wondering whether there are any advantages to playing on your PC rather than in person, hopefully our article has proved that there are many reasons to choose to play from home or on-the-go with your mobile phone.

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  1. All great reasons to play online! personally I think it’s the 24/7 factor which makes so much difference today. Not just that you can play anytime that you want but also for how long you want. You can dip in and out over the course of a day and have as many games as you can fit in. This is especially true now that playing on your mobile is so popular.

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