Bingo for Kids

One of the earliest games that children learn how to play, believe it or not, is bingo. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since the game of bingo started a long time ago chiefly as a way to teach children various concepts such as mathematics, identifying plants, animals and insects, spelling and language skills.

Online bingo has a way of reaching the kid in all of us. Many online bingo games, including those found on Bingomania, feature bright colors and graphics that have a broad appeal and bring out the fun no matter what age you are!

Learning with Bingo

Today’s teachers know the value of teaching children through games. One of the best games to get kids to learn about various concepts is bingo. For many types of educational bingo, especially in kindergarten and early grades, the bingo squares contain pictures rather than the numbers that most of us are used to. Questions are called out that are reflected in the pictures appearing on the cards. 
Later in the learning process, students can learn their letters, colors, numbers or words and phrases. Not only can young learners learn the complexities of the English language, but bingo is also used as a way to teach other foreign languages as well.

Science and Bingo

Even in its earliest beginnings, bingo was used to teach children. It was first used in Eighteenth-Century Germany to teach children how to recognize plants, animals and other things found in nature. Today bingo can be used to teach all kinds of concepts in science just as easily as it has been used to teach language skills and mathematics. Bingo can help students to learn about the world around them and scientific concepts such as astronomy, biology, natural history, and other earth sciences.

Math Bingo

Math is one of those subjects that can seem intimidating to kids. Because they tend to become bored quickly, it’s hard to keep their attention. Educators are finding that even the most math-challenged students can become more engaged and begin to grasp the concepts better when it’s fun.

Bingo provides the perfect way for math students at every level to be introduced to a wide variety of math concepts including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. As they master these math problems, they can then go on to learn more complex problems that involve algebra and geometry. There are scores of math learning sites. One that specializes in math bingo can be found at Learn With Math. The site features a number of different bingo game cards that teachers can use to teach students about math.

Teachers simply make up bingo cards for their classes by putting the correct answers to a number of problems ahead of time. These are distributed at the beginning of class with the answers on the cards vary. Students can either work alone or in teams. The first student or team of students with the correct answers to the problems wins the game.

Home Schooling and Bingo

Over the years, more and more families are opting to privately or home school their children instead of sending them to public school. Bingo can be used just as easily in a homeschool environment as a teaching tool just as well as in a more formal classroom setting. Regardless of the subject being taught, parents and teachers both understand that when kids are having fun, they are more likely to grasp and remember the concepts being presented.  Whether you are teaching language, science, math, or other topics such as various religious or personal holidays, bingo can be adapted to it! The grids that make up a bingo card can be changed to match whatever the lesson happens to be about.

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