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As the longest running online bingo site, Bingo Mania knows a thing or two about hosting fun and exciting promotions that you love to play and win. Take a peek at what's in store for you at Bingo Mania today, this week and this month from huge cash prizes to special free bonus bingo. Happy Bingo :)

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Featured April Promos
Easter 20k
bouncing easter
special chat games
Easter surprises
slots vp tourney
Pack n' Line Special
bingo pals
the pyramid tourney
Big bingo game events
three part bingo games
Early morning fix bingo daily 10k to 15k prizes
Saturday bingo tourney
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Naughty & Nice Special
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The $20,000 Guaranteed Easter Event

Easter weekend 20K

As you have come to expect, BingoMania's progressive jackpots are famous for being won frequently. In March alone, we had 40 Bingo Progressive wins!

We got thinking, and this Easter we want to give away the Money Pot Jackpot (currently at $10,500+) as a guaranteed game! This is only If it is not won by Thursday April 17th.

On Saturday April 19th, we will host the BIGGEST and BEST bingo event on the internet. We are not just going to give away the $10,000 guaranteed progressive jackpot, but we have a $20,000 event lined up for all our BingoManiacs!

$20,000 Guaranteed Easter Event

  • 7pm - 8pm ET: non-stop $100 Guaranteed Games

  • 8pm - 9pm ET: non-stop $150 Guaranteed Games

  • 9pm - 10pm ET: non-stop $250 Guaranteed Games

  • 10pm - 11pm ET: non-stop $500 Guaranteed Games

  • 11pm ET: 3-part $10,000 Guaranteed Game in 75 calls*

*About the 3 part $10,000 Guaranteed Game in 75 calls

  • 1st Part Pays - $2,000 Guaranteed

  • 2nd Part Pays - $3,000 Guaranteed

  • 3rd Part Pays - $5,000 Guaranteed

  • Card Cost:$2.50
  • Max Card:100 cards
  • Room:Money Pot

To further clarify, if the Money Pot progressive jackpot has not been hit by Thursday, April 17th, we will remove it from the room, and host the PJP prize as part of the $20,000 Guaranteed Easter Event on Saturday April 19th.

FREE cards offer!

To ensure we do this right, we are rewarding players that have made the biggest contribution to the Money Pot Progressive the following free cards for the 3 part $10,000 Game. The offer is valid only if the PJP is not won by Thursday, April 17th:

  • The Top 15 players with the most cash contribution in the money pot room will receive 100 free cards thats the max available cards in the game!.

  • All other players that have made $1,000+ cash contribution will receive 25 free cards for the big game

Most contribution will be determined by total cash wagers made in Money Pot room from August 26th the last date the Money Pot PJP was hit to Thursday, April 17th.

The free cards will be awarded by BingoMania crediting all qualifying players a bonus amount equivalent to the cost of 100 or 25 cards. This bonus amount will be awarded on Friday April 18th Qualifying players are still responsible to purchase their bingo cards for the big game using the bonus that has been credited to them. Good Luck!

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New Daily Surprises April 2nd - 21st

Skippy and his Easter special friends have tons of exciting new giveaways for you from April 2nd to 21st as part of your daily surprise event.

To participate:

  1. Login everyday to your BingoMania account and discover your daily gem surprise - you don't want to miss any of the special surprises in March.

  2. With free bingo specials, barging bingo events and specials offers, you don't want to miss out on your daily special

easter surprises
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Bouncing Easter $100/$50 Eggs

The cash prize for these Easter Eggs changes from $100 to $50 every call. One thing is for sure, they will pay out either $100 or $50! Play them every hour in the Spring Bingo room from April 2nd - 21st.

  • When:April 2nd - 21st
  • Room:Spring Room 12pm to 12am EST
  • Pattern:Easter Egg

bouncing easter
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Naughty & Nice Bingo Room (New Extended Hours)

It's time to Get Naughty!

The hottest late night bingo room in all of bingo land just got even more hotter in January. The Naughty & Nice late night bingo room is now open on from Wednesday to Sunday Midnight to 9am ET.

Enjoy the new sexy caller and Skippy the hunk, like you've never seen him before.

With tempting prizes, extra large-prizes & hard cash, anything goes in the upcoming sizzling Naughty & Nice Bingo Room.

  • When: Wednesday to Sundays 12am - 9am EST
  • Pre-buy: Available

Naughty & Nice
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Daily Non-Stop $10k & $15k Coveralls

Not once per hour but every SINGLE game in the hour at 3pm and then again 10pm ET inside Money Pot, you can experience non-stop biggie coveralls.

When: Daily 3pm-4pm $10,000 & 10pm-11pm $15,000
Where: Money Pot

Daily big bingo prizes
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Saturday Big Pyramid Tourney

Inside Money Pot (formerly known as High Roller), join your roomies for non-stop high paying 3 part bingo games starting every Saturday.

When: Saturdays 8pm to 12am ET (4hrs non-stop)
Where: Money Pot

Pyramid bingo times
Saturday bingo tourney
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Daily Non-Stop $10k & $15k Coveralls

Not once per hour but every SINGLE game in the hour at 3pm and then again 10pm ET inside Money Pot, you can experience non-stop biggie coveralls.

When: Daily 3pm-4pm $10,000 & 10pm-11pm $15,000
Where: Money Pot

Daily big bingo prizes
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Nightly Showstopper Games

We believe, every day that ends with "day" calls for a special. That's why, you'll now find two gorgeous nightly showstopper games at Bingo Mania every night of the week.

When: 11pm ET
Where: Bday Room $15/$15/$150 & non-stop $7,500 Coveralls

When: 11pm ET
Where: Money Pot $25/$25/$250 & 2 Part Bingo

Show stopper bingo 1
Show stopper bingo 2
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High Paying 3 Part Bingo Games

Bingo is more fun when you get more chances to shout out Bingo! As part of our on going goal to celebrate more winners at Bingo Mania, we invite you to enjoy 3hrs of non-stop high paying 3 part bingo games inside the Loony Bin.

When: 8pm to 11pm
Where: Loony Bin

Three party bingo
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Nut House Special Games

Nut House continues to splash huge prizes at bargain card costs. On top of the nightly $75 fixed hour, we invite you to experience high-paying 3 part nickel games from 10am-12pm ET.

When: 10am-12pm ET
Where: Nut House @ 10 cents/card

Early morning fix bingo
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New bingo promos bingo schedule

With 6 different bingo rooms, you'll find a variety of bingo games ans specials at Bingo Mania. From the Nut House, our $0.05 card room, to the Money Pot Bingo room, enjoy high-paying cash prizes, amazing coveralls and guaranteed pots. Visit the Bingo Schedule page for complete details.

chat games

At Bingo Mania, we believe bingo and chat go hand in hand. It's a delicious mix that's fun, exciting and entertaining. Sure, both are fun on their own, but together they're just that much better.

Check out the Bingo Mania chat games page for all the variety of chat games you can play along side the bingo games for added chance to win juicy prizes.