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As the longest running online bingo site, Bingo Mania knows a thing or two about hosting fun and exciting promotions that you love to play and win. Take a peek at what's in store for you at Bingo Mania today, this week and this month from huge cash prizes to special free bonus bingo. Happy Bingo :)

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Christmas in July Party
BingoPals Special
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Christmas in July Party

Christmas in July Party

It's Christmas in July Party at BingoMania from Friday, July 18th to Thursday, July 31st with exciting NEW specials for you.

Login daily to BingoMania to discover a new special from high paying prizes to free surprises.

It's a Christmas July like no other. Happy playing & winning!

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Bouncing $100/$50 SnowFlake

Bouncing $100/$50 SnowFlake

As part of the Christmas in July Party, step into the Summer Room and play the special hourly $100/$50 bouncing Snowflake pattern.

These games are also available for pre-buy.

Happy Winning!

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$2,000 Free Bingo Event: Happy Parent's Day!

free bingo event

Did you know Sunday, July 27th is the official Parent's Day?

And did you know BingoMania is celebrating this important day with a special hour of Free bingo with $2,000 in free cash prizes?

Oh Yes!

  • Prizes: $200 real cash bingo games*

  • When: Sunday, July 27th @ 8pm to 9pm EST

  • Room: The $8,000 Free Bingo Challenge

About the Cash Prizes: Both depositing and non depositing players are welcome. But our depositing players will receive $200 cash for every bingo win, while non-depositors will receive $100 cash.

To Qualify for the $200 cash prize: Simply make a deposit on Sunday, July 27th before 8pm EST to qualify for $200 free cash prizes. If you don't deposit, then you'll lose out on the $200 prize and only walkaway with $100 instead.

The game will award $100 cash prize. At 9pm EST, depositing player winners, will be credited an additional $100 for their win or wins

Good luck & Happy Parent's Day!

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Slots Promo: Get $100 Free Cash-Back

Saturday, June 28th to Thursday, July 31st, 2014

free slots

Get $100 free cash-back when you deposit $100 and play a minimum of $100 on the new slot machines ranging from the exciting Sugar Rush Summer Edition to the hot Carnival of Venice machine.

Here's how to qualify for the $100 cash-back:

  • Deposit at least $100 either in a single deposit or cumulate deposit

  • Wager a minimum of $100 on the new slots available from the Slots Lobby under the "new" tab

  • Then open a help desk ticket to receive $100 free cash-back credited to your BingoMania account by our support team

  • Tip: Help desk ticket can be opened via Help >> Help Desk after you've logged into your account.


  1. The $100 free-cash can only be redeemed once per player

  2. The final date to redeem your $100 free-cash is Thursday, July 31st 11:59pm EST

  3. Claims after Thursday, July 31st 11:59pm EST will not qualify

  4. $100 deposit can either be a single deposit or multiple deposits of $20 i.e. 5 x $20 deposits

Should you have any questions about this promo, we're here to help.

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fathers day

All-New Friday Free & Bargain Bingo Event

Kickoff your weekend starting on Fridays @ BingoMania with an-all new FREE & Bargain 10 cents/ card Bingo Games inside the new Summer Bingo Room.

To participate:

  • FREE & Bargain Bingo Games!

  • $50, $75 & $100 Fixed Pots @ 10 cents / card

  • $25/$100 Bouncing Free Bingo Games

  • Summer Room 11pm-1am ET

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Naughty & Nice Bingo Room (New Extended Hours)

It's time to Get Naughty!

The hottest late night bingo room in all of bingo land just got even more hotter in January. The Naughty & Nice late night bingo room is now open on from Wednesday to Sunday Midnight to 9am ET.

Enjoy the new sexy caller and Skippy the hunk, like you've never seen him before.

With tempting prizes, extra large-prizes & hard cash, anything goes in the upcoming sizzling Naughty & Nice Bingo Room.

  • When: Wednesday to Sundays 12am - 9am EST
  • Pre-buy: Available

Naughty & Nice
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Daily Non-Stop $10k & $15k Coveralls

Not once per hour but every SINGLE game in the hour at 3pm and then again 10pm ET inside Money Pot, you can experience non-stop biggie coveralls.

When: Daily 3pm-4pm $10,000 & 10pm-11pm $15,000
Where: Money Pot

Daily big bingo prizes
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Saturday Big Pyramid Tourney

Inside Money Pot (formerly known as High Roller), join your roomies for non-stop high paying 3 part bingo games starting every Saturday.

When: Saturdays 8pm to 12am ET (4hrs non-stop)
Where: Money Pot

Pyramid bingo times
Saturday bingo tourney
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Daily Non-Stop $10k & $15k Coveralls

Not once per hour but every SINGLE game in the hour at 3pm and then again 10pm ET inside Money Pot, you can experience non-stop biggie coveralls.

When: Daily 3pm-4pm $10,000 & 10pm-11pm $15,000
Where: Money Pot

Daily big bingo prizes
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Nightly Showstopper Games

We believe, every day that ends with "day" calls for a special. That's why, you'll now find two gorgeous nightly showstopper games at Bingo Mania every night of the week.

When: 11pm ET
Where: Bday Room $15/$15/$150 & non-stop $7,500 Coveralls

When: 11pm ET
Where: Money Pot $25/$25/$250 & 2 Part Bingo

Show stopper bingo 1
Show stopper bingo 2
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High Paying 3 Part Bingo Games

Bingo is more fun when you get more chances to shout out Bingo! As part of our on going goal to celebrate more winners at Bingo Mania, we invite you to enjoy 3hrs of non-stop high paying 3 part bingo games inside the Loony Bin.

When: 8pm to 11pm
Where: Loony Bin

Three party bingo
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Nut House Special Games

Nut House continues to splash huge prizes at bargain card costs. On top of the nightly $75 fixed hour, we invite you to experience high-paying 3 part nickel games from 10am-12pm ET.

When: 10am-12pm ET
Where: Nut House @ 10 cents/card

Early morning fix bingo
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New bingo promos bingo schedule

With 6 different bingo rooms, you'll find a variety of bingo games ans specials at Bingo Mania. From the Nut House, our $0.05 card room, to the Money Pot Bingo room, enjoy high-paying cash prizes, amazing coveralls and guaranteed pots. Visit the Bingo Schedule page for complete details.

chat games

At Bingo Mania, we believe bingo and chat go hand in hand. It's a delicious mix that's fun, exciting and entertaining. Sure, both are fun on their own, but together they're just that much better.

Check out the Bingo Mania chat games page for all the variety of chat games you can play along side the bingo games for added chance to win juicy prizes.